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IP Addresses and networking

Last updated: 6th December, 2018

Every time you connect one computer to another - even your phone to your laptop - you create a network, enabling the computers to communicate. The internet is a network of these networks. All the data online: on websites, in emails, in search engines: it is all stored on other read on...

Domain Names

Last updated: 18th December, 2018

The experts at have decades of experience with domains and can help right now. Let us do it for you Domain names are the recognisable addresses online; they point to various IP addresses and web servers. Contents Domain Overview The domain lifecycle The domain industry Common Issues Ownership verification read on...

DNS, Nameservers and Caching

Last updated: 6th December, 2018

DNS (Domain Name Service) is a fundamental building block of the internet. It links the domain names we all know to IP addresses, the physical addresses of computers connected to the internet. Contents: DNS Records Record Types Looking up Records Nameservers / DNS Servers Propagation and Caching Delegation from the read on...