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Personal, efficient support & maintainence from an expert team.
Our main office is in London, England (Paddington), but we're based globally to offer 24/7 website cover.

Our Story

We come from a hosting background. Our founders started and ran companies in the mid-2000s (Tsohost, Vidahost) that are now owned and managed by GoDaddy. Running millions of websites - every sort of site under the sun, - we ended up supporting (& fixing) the most obscure and frustrating of website issues and bugs for site owners, even though website fixing services weren't officially offered. As much as we also wanted to maintain sites for customers, it didn't fall in our support scope. Who, then, could companies turn to for ongoing maintenance and site fixes?

Many years later (we'd left the industry by then), the question remained unanswered. Web designers were building great websites, and software was getting increasingly advanced, but there was a huge gap for a company of dedicated experts like fixed.net.

"Fixed.net fills that huge space between web-design agencies (who are interested in big, complex, expensive, design projects) and having to do everything yourself. It's what people need 90% of the time, but no one apart from us even wants to do it."

Seb de Lemos, co-founder, Fixed.net

"I tell customers to think of us first and foremost as technicians. We have an efficient, problem-solving attitude - backed with easy to use, and most importantly secure systems. We've got a team of dynamic, awesome experts ready to fix all website issues."

Chris Garner, co-founder, Fixed.net

Our Story

The background behind fixed.net and why it was created, as well as plans for the future.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are Fixed.net based?

We are based in London, UK. We're in a beautiful office right next door to Paddington station. We also have a large support office in Europe, and individuals around the world to offer 24/7 coverage.

How many staff do you have?

At the time of writing (February 2019) we have 15 full time technical staff. This is a mixture of developers & technicians.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Our entire system is designed around security. When you add logins, you add them to our Site Secrets section.

Do you use contractors?

Almost all fixed staff are full time and work in our offices. In countries where we don't have a registered company, we pay staff as contractors. However they are full-time.

Can I talk to an engineer on the phone?

Yes. Call us on 0300 30 20 006 and you'll speak to someone technical.