WordPress Maintenance Service from £29/mo

The ultimate WordPress Maintenance service.

Fixed.net experts can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website. Our maintenance plans include unlimited website changes and revisions, bespoke managed web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security, and 24/7 developer support.

We fully support all WordPress and WooCommerce plugins and themes.

The ultimate **WordPress Maintenance** service.

"No other company with the all-around expertise comes anywhere close in terms of price or quality".

Jenny, via Trustpilot

WordPress Maintenance Plans

We offer four WordPress maintenance service plans, catering for all manner of WordPress sites; from large eCommerce business websites to small personal blogs. Our care plan includes everything you need to have us maintain your WordPress website - hosting, SSL security, plugin updates, malware security and protection, 24/7 technical support, backups & more. The Unlimited Plan also includes unlimited small website changes and revisions. Our Business and Enterprise plans add response time SLAs and dedicated servers.

We do not tie you into a contract, and you can move between plans with ease. Prices include VAT and all applicable taxes.

See our full pricing details and bulk discounts information.

Why do you need a WordPress Maintenance Service?

Any website built on the WordPress CMS platform requires regular updating and maintenance. The reason for this is that WordPress makes regular updates to the core system and these need to be integrated into the version that your website uses on the server. In addition there are regular updates made by plugin developers and theme designers which will need to be made.

If your site doesn't get these regular updates from WordPress, the plugin developers or the theme designers, it could be vulnerable to security issues. One of the worst outcomes is that your site may get hacked and Google would remove it from the search results page. Something like this would be very detrimental and damaging to your brand name.

By ensuring that your site remains in good condition and protected against being hacked, you'll be ensuring that your visitors get a better user experience and therefore you'll be in Google's good books. By having your core WordPress updated by our maintenance service will ensure that your site is bug-free and that you have access to all the latest features.

Every part of WordPress, including the core, plugins and the design need to be in alignment and updated concurrently, or something may break. Before making any update, we have backups ready to use them if required. If there are any issues, we can fix them to ensure that all goes to plan.

Unlimited <strong>WordPress support</strong>

Unlimited WordPress support

Request unlimited website fixes and revisions from our developers. We work 24/7 and solve most issues within two hours.

Managed <strong>updates</strong>

Managed updates

We keep your website, themes and plugins up to date. If you run software such as WordPress, we stage updates first before putting them live. We monitor for vulnerabilities and patch immediately.

Bespoke <strong>web hosting</strong>

Bespoke web hosting

Premium managed hosting on top of Google Cloud Platform or AWS is included, as are emails, an SSL certificate, and twice-daily offsite backups.

24/7 <strong>engineer monitoring</strong>

24/7 engineer monitoring

Fixed.net experts are constantly monitoring your site: automatically alerted when issues occur, and ensuring optimal performance and security.

Hardened security

Hardened security

Multiple lines of defence for security. Manual updates and patching, twice daily scans against our custom malware database, and some of the best sysadmins in the industry.

No minimum contract

No minimum contract

All our plans are instant setup, and rolling monthly with no cancellation notices required. We are so confident in our services, that we will even refund you if you aren't happy.

We take care of everything

Fixed.net is a technical website maintenance company. Our aim is to make sure that every individual website subscribed to our plans runs well, is up to date, and is secure at all times. We want you to think of us as your technical partners, giving you peace of mind.

Our offering is unique. We manage the hosting environment and your WordPress site. Unlike most maintenance providers, this is our only focus - our plans are not loss-leaders for web design or development projects.

"We don't have any distractions. If you come to us with something as minor as a contact-form error, fixing it will literally be our most important job." Jack, engineer.

Think of us as your in-house tech team. We are constantly monitoring your site and keeping it up to date. Crucially, because we do it at scale, our plans are incredibly good value - starting at just £29 per month.

Unlimited Work, with no catches

Rather than having complex pricing models and hourly rates, our maintenance plans offer unlimited help from our experts.

Our Care Plan (£29/mo) includes unlimited website fixes and hosting support. *This is intended for sites that are largely static but where you need them to run on a perfect optimised hosting environment and be kept secure and up to date by us.

Our Unlimited, Business & Enterprise Plans let you request as many custom revisions and tasks as you like.

We can handle pretty much everything except web design and custom feature development. See how we categorise tasks.

Bespoke managed hosting

Fixed.net offers fast, reliable and fully managed web hosting, inclusive of all our site maintenance plans. Our hosting comes with the cPanel control panel, which lets you self-manage your hosting and also offers unlimited email accounts.

We run and manage all hosting in-house; our experienced hosting team have been running web hosting environments for almost two decades.

We have the ability to deploy your site to Google Cloud Plaform, Amazon Web Services, and provide dedicated environments.

See technical specification

Add your whole team

We understand that you may want multiple team members to contact us: large organisations may have marketing and design staff - or charities might have rotating committees.

With fixed.net, you can add infinite delegates to each website. This means that each team member can raise tasks from their own account and talk to our engineers. You can even choose if those tasks should be private or shared with other delegates.

Our support system is entirely custom-built: we spent six months building an interface that could help us maintain sites at scale, securely.

WordPress experts

Most of our clients run WordPress. This is not surprising, as WordPress sites account for a third of the whole internet. As such we have a number of key WordPress features:

  • WordPress security scans and malware protection. This is important because WordPress is open source software and there are frequent plugin vulnerabilities.
  • Managed updates. Handled by a dedicated team who stage updates first.
  • Developer support. Our engineers are extremely familiar with WooCommerce, LearnDash, BuddyPress, Divi, Elementor and countless other WordPress themes and plugins.

Read more about our WordPress support features.

How can we help you? Let's talk - start a live chat or call us on (0300 302 0006).

Getting started with fixed.net

After signing up through our online order form for our WordPress Maintenance Service, you'll start communication thread with one of our engineers. If you have an urgent issue with the site you need fixing first, we'll get right to it. Otherwise, we'll get you onboard to our system.

Initial Audit

We'll gather the data and logins we need from you, and begin an audit of the site.

See our audit process

Secure Password Storage

Secure Password Storage

If we need login details to work on your site, you can add them to our secure secrets area.



Are there gains to be made with the speed of your site, or calls slowing things down? We'll check through this.

Initial Updates

Initial Updates

If you are running software that is out of date, we will bring it all up to date. We do this in a staging environment to ensure it does not break anything.

Free Migration

Free Migration

If you want to take advantage of our free hosting, we will schedule in a migration with you at a time of your choosing, to a hosting environment that suits your site.

Site Audit

Site Audit

We do a full audit of every site that moves to us, noting how it works so that we can fix things should they go wrong.

Backup Setup

Backup Setup

We take twice-daily backups of every site we maintain. That means we can roll back sites as needed. On our Care plan we store these for 30 days. On our Unlimited plan, we store backups forever.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy for any reason, then we'll refund you straight back to your payment method!

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