Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, on top of public cloud providers.

Fixed.net offers fast, reliable and fully managed WordPress web hosting, inclusive of all our WordPress maintenance plans. We manually optimise the hosting for each website, and provide you with control panel access.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, on top of public cloud providers.
Personally optimised

We ensure the hosting we provide fits your requirements perfectly. For example, we'll set up the right caching environment for your needs.

Managed migration

We take care of the full transfer in of your website and any emails, at a time and speed that suits you. We do not limit disk space or bandwidth.

Powerful control panel

We provide you with full hosting control panel access, so you can self-manage your website files, dns and emails.

Unlimited emails

Create unlimited email accounts which you can check through webmail, through a mail client, on your phone -- or forward elsewhere.

One click backup restore

Restore backups in one-click. We take at least two per day. You can self-restore in the control panel.

Uptime guaranteed

We guarantee uptime for your website and monitor your site as well as the infrastructure 24/7/365 from our global offices.

How do I sign up for hosting?

Fixed.net WordPress hosting is included in our maintenance subscriptions. You need to sign up for our maintenance plans through our website. You will then receive login details and a member of our onboarding team will contact you immediately to get you setup.

Can I use your hosting without a maintenance subscription?

No, we offer a very high level of management and maintenance to every customer. This is built into our server setup and monitoring. This is not standard hosting.

If you just need standard hosting with no WordPress maintenance we can recommend Stablepoint Web Hosting.

Do I need technical experience?

Absolutely not. At Fixed.net we manage everything for you. You still have access of course, but we can take care of everything.

What else do I get apart from hosting?

We provide plugin and theme updates, WordPress security, 24/7 technical support, bug fixing and much more -- all included in our maintenance plans. Hosting is also included.

Do I need to host with fixed.net?

No. You can take a maintenance plan with fixed.net and you can keep your hosting elsewhere. Just provide us with access.

Can you migrate my site in?

Of course, we'll handle all of this under a maintenance plan.

Can fixed.net migrate emails?

Yes we can. We can move your emails from another provider to ourselves. Our onboarding team will help out with the email migration.

What is the specification of the hosting?

See the specification below. It is extremely high spec. The only real limitation on our included hosting is the 30GB disk space limit, which we can be slightly flexible on. Of course because we take backups and manage the site for you, we can keep that limit down. We can also work with you to reduce usage.

Where are backups stored?

We store backups in two separate offsite locations. This means that we always have backups of your website which we can restore from. Backups in the control panel are restorable for 30 days; in My.Fixed.net you can go back infinitely.

What is your uptime?

You should never have any downtime with fixed.net. We provide premium hosting designed for WordPress and monitor sites constantly.

How much are dedicated servers through Fixed.net?

It depends on the specification. Prices start around £120/$150 per month in addition to the maintenance subscription. Ask us for an exact quote.

Can fixed.net sysadmin my own servers?

No. We provide WordPress management on any host, but we can't systems administrate a web server with another provider.

Included specification

Our standard hosting includes the following specifications. We can offer higher specification, dedicated servers, and private clouds on request. We can also deploy your website to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud

FeatureIncludedOptional (on dedicated)
Disk spaceNvME (where available) or SSD - 30GB disk spaceAs required
Data transfer ("bandwidth")unlimited
Email accountsPOP/IMAP - unlimited email accounts
Mailbox size limit10GB per mailboxUnlimited
SSL certificatesIncluded & automatic
Location10+ options
RAM Limit2GBAs required
CPU Limit2 x CPUsAs required
PHP versions5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0

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