A flat £25 for a single task

£34/mo for unlimited tasks

No minimum subscription & 30 day money back guarantee!

Includes unlimited 24/7 support, website updates, daily backups kept forever, malware scanning, optimisations, site migrations, monitoring and much more!

Everything included for £34/month

Alternatively, use us for a single fix for £25

£25 Single FixSubscribe £34/mo

Free Features

For ad-hoc users who do not wish to subscribe, take advantage of our free features, and only pay us if and when you need a task. £25 per task.

No subscription is needed for any of the following:

  • Daily website backups to the Cloud
  • Roll back up to seven days
  • Website Monitoring
  • Health Checks
  • WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

Bulk Pricing

For agencies and power users, get automatic subscription discounts when adding multiple sites

No. SubscriptionsMonthly Cost
4-10 Sites£30 per site
11-50 Sites£25 per site
51-100 Sites£20 per site
100-199 Sites£17 per site
200+ Sites£15 per site

Frequently asked questions

Can I request multiple tasks at once?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of tasks that can be requested. If there are multiple tasks for one website we may triage them so that work does not overlap.

What happens if I am not happy with the service?

Customer satisfaction is important to us. Under our money back guarantee, we'll refund you if you aren't happy with our service.

What can I backup?

Fixed.net is a website support service and can be used for backing up websites. Our backup system cannot be used for backing up file storage and/or videos. We also automatically block backups of common log and cache...read more

Are bulk discounts available?

Yes, power users can get discounts, increasing with the number of sites they add. Read more here.

Can custom tasks be requested?

Yes. Please see our service commitment for an outline of what we can and cannot do.

What happens if my site exceeds my limit?

Provided the overage is not excessive, we will still backup a website over the package limits. However, restores of any backup points over your data limit will be blocked unless the package is upgraded.

Is there a minimum subscription period

There is no minimum subscription period. Payments are made for the period of subscription and can be cancelled at any time leading up to the renewal date. We do not refund for early cancellation.