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Service Commitment

Posted 25th October, 2018

At we offer unlimited website support for a low monthly subscription fee. This is in addition to services such as backups and monitoring, variations of which are offered for free or as part of a paid plan. Website support subscriptions are on a per-site basis and pricing can be found here.

Our Commitment

We see ourselves as your in-house support team. If you have a problem or issue with your website, hosting, domain or associated service, we will do our best to fix it with the access you give us. Our solution may involve a direct fix, a workaround, advice, or a combination. We will explain our actions and why.

We will ensure that backups are taken before any work commences, or that you understand the risks if they are not taken.

The jobs we can do are each defined and categorised in and in our knowledge base. If you ask us to do a job that is not defined, we will ask ourselves 'Is this a fix or an optimisation?' If not, we will probably suggest that it is handled by your web designer or developer. We are more than happy to offer advice.

If you are unhappy for whatever reason: for instance, if we fail to fix an issue, if we refuse to do a job you think should be included, or if we take too long; we will refund your monthly fee directly to your payment source under our money back guarantee. is a best effort service. Ultimately, there are problems that may be unfixable. We will do our best to suggest workarounds and give advice, but even we cannot solve unsolvable problems. We promise to try our best.