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Hosting Overview

Posted 04th November, 2019

At we provide managed web hosting with our maintenance plans. Approximately 60% of our maintenance customers choose to host with us, though we are also happy managing a website hosted elsewhere. The benefits of hosting with us include:

  • We are in full control of the hosting environment.
  • We have full access to logs and server history
  • You do not need to pay anyone else for hosting, or for SSL certificates
  • Our hosting is excellent

Our hosting offering is largely bespoke to your requirements, but in general:

  • We provision hosting on top of either Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services. We can provision to almost all of their worldwide locations.
  • We run a centralised configuration, with server management and automation run through Ansible and Terraform. It is a hosting platform designed for the 2020s.
  • For most hosting setups: We use the cPanel control panel, with Cloudlinux, Imunify360, Outbound mailscanning and Softaculous. This is a secure shared hosting environments. You have full control panel access, and can pass logins to third parties as required.
  • You can create email accounts and manage DNS -- though we can also assist with setting up Gsuite/Office365/Cloudflare if desired.
  • For WordPress users with busy sites we may propose a custom WordPress hosting setup.

In terms of resources, we provide an extremely high level of management and as such there are no limits on disk space, bandwidth or email accounts. While we do use Cloudlinux limits, we provide full site monitoring so they are not there to limit your performance.

Dedicated Servers & Complex Requirements

If you have more requirements, such as a multi-server environment, an extremely busy site, or an eCommerce site you require to be PCI compliant, please contact us.

We can provide bespoke server setups. For some users we create multi-server AWS instances with RDS.