8 Amazing Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Development For Business Sites

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· 01st February 2022·Hosting and DNS

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When it comes to website development, WordPress always comes first to mind. Since 2003, almost 20 years back, WordPress has become the best content management system not just for bloggers but also for non-blogging sites like businesses and online shops.

8 Amazing Benefits Of Choosing WordPress Development For Business Sites

As of 2021, about 455 million websites are using WordPress. With its popularity, it is evident that many find WordPress amazing to use for website building. So if you also want to build a website to grow your brand, choosing WordPress is one of the best methods you should do for your business. But you may ask, why WordPress? There are also other CMS platforms to try, so why WordPress?

In this article, we will let you know the advantages of using WordPress development for your business website and allow you to understand the reasons why choosing WordPress will benefit your business more.

1. Cost-effective

For those starting their business, they might not consider having a website at first thinking it is expensive. But, it is the opposite.

Building your website in WordPress is cost-effective. All you need to spend is when purchasing a domain name and a hosting account like Bluehost. For as low as $2.95, you can already start launching your business website.

1. Cost-effective

Other than that, it is free, including the thousands of themes you can choose to design your website and the plugins you want to add to fully optimize its functions. But there are also premium themes available. And these are good for those businesses with more complex needs or who want to have their web development team customize and personalize the website's design.

As you can see, any business can start to launch their website even on a short budget. You do not also need to worry about maintenance costs to keep the website operational at all times since it is also cheap and affordable.

2. Easy to navigate with its user-friendly interface

Another best feature that WordPress offers is its easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Even those with zero background in web development can manage using it.

The downloading and installing process follows a "one-click" method. And after that, you are now ready to set up your website and add content. You can manage all the content you want on the website on the administrative dashboard.

2. Easy to navigate with its user-friendly interface

There is no need to edit and use code. Since WordPress's system is self-contained, there is no need to use HTML editing software, such as Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver. You can create new pages, publish blog posts, format texts, upload images and videos, documents, etc. without any HTML or FTP software. It is pretty convenient for those with only minimal knowledge of web designing and development. Now, nothing's limiting any businesses to launch and manage their website.

But for those with experience in web development, they can access the site's core WordPress files. Some businesses even hire developers to do the job for them.

Aside from its user-friendly interface, accessing and managing the website from any computer, anytime and anywhere you want, is also possible. Since WordPress is browser-based, as long as you have access to the internet, you can check and manage your website.

3. Extend your website with various plugins

You can make the most of your business’s website by adding plugins. It provides more functionality to the website by installing those that might be beneficial to grow the business online. By using WordPress, you have access to thousands of available plugins in their platform.

Some of the most popular you can use applicable for businesses you can find in WordPress are WPForms for a user-friendly contact form, MonsterInsights for Google Analytics, All In One SEO to monitor visitors from search engines, Constant Contact for email marketing, and many more.

3. Extend your website with various plugins

Most plugins you can find at WordPress are also available for free. But if you want to upgrade and get the most of the plugin’s features, you can purchase premium versions at an affordable rate.

4. SEO friendly

Search engines like Google often crawl and index content from WordPress sites. So it is an advantage if you want to get higher rankings on SERPs and make your business's website more visible to target audiences and customers. WordPress's codes are clean and simple, so it is easy for search engines to read and index the content of the website.

It is easy to optimize every content you create and upload in the business since you can add specific keywords, meta tags, descriptions, titles that helps a lot in SEO.

Also, since WordPress is equipped with mobile responsive themes and SEO tools plugins, it is easy to optimize every page and post on the website. This is one of the reasons why millions of business websites from around the world opt for WordPress.

5. Customizable and responsive web designs

Most hosting websites have limitations based on the hosting provider. For example, if the host closes down, the websites will be left without any home on the online world at all. But it will not be the case for WordPress.

WordPress is a self-contained platform for websites and content management. Therefore, it allows the users to control every aspect of the website, from the appearance or design, accessibility, security, and other functions. Because of this, users also have all the control to customize the website to meet their business's goals and needs.

By using WordPress, business owners can handle every aspect of their website, or if they want to hire IT specialists and developers to do it for them. In any case, they have the option on how they want to develop on what will work best for the business.

6. Highly secured website

6. Highly secured website

If you want to launch and manage a website for your business, you should take the security of utmost priority to protect user data, especially for online stores that accept orders and process payments. Since there are a lot of plugins in WordPress, you can find one that is a highly-rated security plugin that is compatible with your current WordPress software version.

Another way to secure your WordPress website is by having SSL and HTTPS. Having any of these two, will let your visitors know that they can trust your website and will encourage them to share their personal information when filling out a form on your website.

7. Versatile and scalable

With its versatility, WordPress works well with businesses. It features several themes, both free and premium, specifically designed for businesses and companies. Aside from that, they also have plugins available to meet every company's specific needs to further grow their business online.

Aside from its versatile features, WordPress is also scalable for business. You can create several pages, blog posts, and other types of content on the website without compromising the overall performance of the website. So whatever you want to publish on your website that will help grow the business, you can do it as much as you want.

8. Equipped with a built-in content marketing plan for business

If you want to launch a website dedicated to your business, WordPress has all the essentials you need. Since WordPress is originally made for blogging, it has already built-in tools you can integrate for your website such as setting up RSS, email subscription, comment section on blog posts, and other dynamic features to increase your engagements to your clients and target audience. From themes to plugins, you can see how WordPress also takes into consideration what businesses may need to put up an accessible and effective website.

Indeed, WordPress is a powerful tool to work on your content marketing strategy for every business website. So if you want to see how your business will grow, step up your online marketing plan and use WordPress to develop your business’s website.

Choose WordPress to Develop Your Business Online

Developing a website takes a lot of work, time, and effort. But with the user-friendly features of WordPress, even small companies who do not have any background in website development can use it to build their online presence.

But aside from all its amazing technical features, you can also rely on WordPress’s community and its friendly and prompt client support. They can serve as your online companion to help you improve your website and learn updates and trends you may also try.

To sum it up, choosing WordPress for your business content marketing and development will help you step up your game. It features a lot of essential tools you need and use, regardless of your web developing skills. Since its initial purpose is to help bloggers have their platform online, it can help you increase your business’s engagement online.

There is no doubt that WordPress is a popular website development software, both for personal and corporate use. And millions of websites from all over the globe can attest to that. So if you want to add to that number, you can never go wrong in choosing WordPress if you want to upscale your business online.

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