Top Reasons Why Your Social Media Following is Decreasing

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· 29th January 2022·Hosting and DNS

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Whether or not you have a big social media following as an individual or a brand, it can be unsettling to see your followers decreasing.

Top Reasons Why Your Social Media Following is Decreasing

Brands may be a little constricted in what they post. But, as an individual, there is more freedom. If you are losing followers, check your accounts to identify the problems. Are you losing fans in one social media account, or is it on every platform? We will help you diagnose the problem.

Whether or not you have a big social media following as an individual or a brand

What do you post?

It will be practically impossible to get the tone and frequency right for everyone, but have your posts changed recently? Some things will have brought the followers to you, and changes could cause them to leave. These are:

• Are you posting too often? - It could be that multiple posts are not to everyone like. If your life is good, posts about all you do could cause followers to feel distant from you. Again, if you post dull and pointless comments, they will think there is no point in reading. Not many people will bother checking in to see a picture of your morning coffee, then a random animal at night.

• Are you not posting often enough? - If there is nothing new to read after a few visits, the followers will look for other people and new content.

• Too many paid posts can be a turn-off - It is okay to promote a few favorite items, but not everything you use. People want to feel they are finding out about you; they do not want you to use them to increase your payments.

Something that many posters forget to do is to engage followers. If someone bothers to comment on your site, then respond to them. It may take a little extra time, but it makes people feel involved. If people think they are part of the site, they are more likely to stay. Chatting and discussing things with followers can be more beneficial than a few extra random pictures or comments. Ensure you change things often, as followers might lose momentum if you leave them too long.

Encouraging the right followers is vital. Starting and having a handful of followers can be a little demoralizing. However, endure everything to succeed later on. Setting up ways to bring them in is not always right. It is far more necessary to wait for followers who genuinely are interested than asking them to tag you to gain more exposure. No one is saying the occasional promotion is wrong, but it should not be the main way you find long-term followers. It should go without saying that you never buy followers on any site where you have a presence.



It is not enough to just retweet. No one will mind you sharing posts close to your heart, but you need to show your views. It makes sense that followers will leave you and go to the owners of the original Tweets. It is off-putting to ask for retweets. Put out content that people immediately want to share, and followers will be happy.

Another strategy that upsets people is unfollowing people you followed. Too many accounts follow random other users in the hope of getting followed in return. As soon as this happens, they unfollow. It can leave a feeling that you are using others for your benefit. The affected user will immediately unfollow your account.

Trying to keep up to date, many users regularly change their pictures. It can confuse and prevent people from finding you. They may not unfollow you immediately, but they will no longer be an active part of your community. It could hurt your business.



This site is different, and you should treat it as such. It is not the same sort of fun site that other social media sites are. It is unlikely that your followers will be interested in details of your private life beyond a bit of detail regarding your interests. A photograph will be okay, and in keeping with the site should be a tasteful head and shoulders shot. If you show yourself on holiday too drunk, it will cause many followers to reassess you. Some of them may unfollow you.



The way that Instagram functions has changed. As a user, you can allow followers various levels of access. It leads to some posts reaching many people and others few. It is best to cover all areas if you don't want to see followers leaving you. The reasons for being unfollowed are like other sites:

• You don't post enough. After a few visits with no new content, followers can lose interest. If you don't keep followers up-to-date they can lose interest.

• Unfortunately, the opposite can also cost you some followers. If they find all they need in your posts, and not all are of interest to them, they could mute you. Muting can have the same effect as unfollowing. One thing to remember is that you are not the only one losing followers. There can be the general reason and personal ones. If that's the case, it is harder to control. Realistically, there will be more professional writers than you, and at least in the short term, users can turn to them. There will be people who put forward their posts in a new and exciting way.

• Tastes change. You may have been to someone's taste a few years, but things have changed. You may have changed your content, or they may have changed their preferences. It will be happening to others. And apart from trying to appeal to everyone, there is not a lot you can do.

The final issue surrounds what you want to do. There are a few options when it comes to this. These are:

• Carry on as you are. If you believe in what you are doing, people who feel the same will stick with you. A few thousand genuine followers will outweigh 10,000 temporary ones.

• Check if there are a lot of new accounts similar to yours. If so, look to them and see where you can improve.

• Change completely. If a large number of followers are important, you may have to find the latest big thing and steer your account that way.

Which of the three paths you follow is entirely up to you? Only you can decide what to do to stop losing social media followers.

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