PSD to WordPress conversion : Myths you should know

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· 02nd February 2022·Hosting and DNS

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PSD is short form of Photoshop Document, which is an image file format consisting of multiple layers of graphics in a single file, saving substantial size on Hard Disk. This file is native to Adobe Photoshop, a software used for graphic editing and digital arts.

PSD to WordPress conversion : Myths you should know

What is PSD and WordPress?

An open-source and free content management system (CMS), WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL or MariaDB database, offering various templates, themes, and other features. Basically, it is a flexible web development platform.

Most of the WordPress designs are initially created in PSD format by web developers. Once approved, web developers then convert these templates into WordPress website.

WordPress designs are initially created in PSD format by web developers

Traffic Issues

Internet users often think WordPress websites are unable to achieve high traffic resulting in going offline in case of high traffic, which is a total fabrication and a myth. Increased traffic does not slow down the functionality of WordPress website, a common misconception. Hosting and other technical or hosting issues can cause problems in interface or internet which can cause the websites to go offline or to slow down a bit. Secure servers with better hosting services solve such technical issues of traffic themselves. Which is why secure servers are always recommended by web development experts.


Another myth about WordPress is that it is not suitable for e-commerce websites. WordPress’s WooCommerce busts this myth as it is a plugin that easily converts a normal website into an e-commerce one. And the booster here is that this plugin is entirely free. WordPress often offers its users free services and security plugins is one of them. E-commerce giant, eBay, and large corporation Disney produced high sales with excellent success by using this platform, proving that WordPress is the ultimate go-to platform for doing online sales, safely and securely, no matter how expanded or huge a business is.



Another fabrication about WordPress is that it can be easily hacked by third party users. However, with multiple security plugins in place, WordPress is a user-friendly CMS and quite safe. By regularly backing up data of one’s website, the chances of WordPress getting hacked decrease substantially. Its drag and drop option create a complex custom webpage, unsuitable for easy hacking.



Some rumors claim that the plugins WordPress offers are not reliable or safe. Plugins offer additional features or characteristics to a website. It is admin who selects a certain plugin out of a collection of numerous ones, according to his or website’s demands. Admin first checks out a plugin’s reviews and downloads, and then chooses the plugin which suits his requirements best. By choosing the best rated and most downloaded plugin, admin can easily protect the website with additional security.

Small Businesses

WordPress is suitable for only small businesses and individual parties, whereas large corporations and e-commerce giants can’t rely on WordPress for successful or high sales. This statement, of course, is a total myth, as large corporations like Disney and eBay have already proved by running business with excellent success on WordPress websites. WordPress websites are much more than just blogging pages, as proved by Forbes, Disney, eBay etc.

Web Builders

Is WordPress errorless and thoroughly protected? Most of the myths claim that this is not so. However, the truth is completely opposite. Web Builders consistently check WordPress codes for any errors, inconsistencies, loose ends, bugs and loopholes. This feature ensures a smoothly running, error-free, and foolproof platform. It makes this CMS difficult to hack, reliable, compatible, and secure. A fact that makes WordPress one of the most widely used CMS platforms in the world, with more than fifty thousand websites created on it each month.

Page Builders

Page Builders

It is often said that Page builders slow down WordPress sites, but do they really? In truth, Page builders are rapid, fast, and capable of loading complex designs within seconds. The time it takes to load a site depends more on the way content is structured in page builders than page builders themselves. Builders using shortcode, and Page Level caching also play role in slowing page loading time, substantially. Properly coded WordPress plugins prevent the site speed from increasing or decreasing.


Another allegation WordPress often faces is its inability to guide its users satisfactorily. It is often considered that to understand its templates and themes better, the user must buy them first. However, the truth is the opposite. To make improvements easier, WordPress provides complete support with every technique so that users can understand the features in a better way without any charges.


Page Builders are not good for SEO optimization because the markup it leaves is not optimized, another myth in the long list of rumors about PSD to WordPress conversion. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is exceptionally satisfactory content material. Medium in generating active content for websites is Page Builders, which provides numerous semantic markups to pick HTML tags in a website’s heading and keywords.

Technical Guides
Technical Guides

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