How works

We're your 24/7 expert tech team. Use us for a single task, or rely on us for everything.

From speed optimisations to frustrating bugs you can't fix, experts solve most issues within two hours. We do everything you expect an in-house IT team would do. We are WordPress specialists, but we can work with any website software.

We can either charge a flat £49 per task. Or, for just £34 per month (or £25 per month paid yearly) we'll handle unlimited tasks and include daily backups and monitoring too, making sure your site is running smoothly all the time. There's no minimum subscription period.

Who uses

  • Small and medium businesses who need someone on-hand to update and manage their websites at the pace they require; keeping abreast of security concerns, and offering helpful advice when needed.
  • Design agencies who want to takeover once the website is built, or business owners who have had a site built and now need it maintained.
  • Corporates wanting to complement their in-house team with some 24/7 specialists.
  • Charities who might not have in-house expertise, or who have changing committee members.
  • Developers outsourcing tasks they don’t have the time to do themselves.
  • Site owners with problems or website headaches that they cannot diagnose or solve.
  • WordPress newbies who need a hand configuring a new website, along with friendly advice & assistance.
  • Anyone who is overwhelmed with a specific site issue or problem, who wants to turn to experts for quick, friendly and diligent assistance.
  • "There’s no other service quite like No other company with the all-around expertise comes anywhere close in terms of price or quality."

    Jenny, Just Dream Interiors

    What's included

    Fixed customers can purchase a one-off task for £49, or by subscribing to our £34 per month plan (£25 per month paid yearly), our experts are on hand to make as many website fixes as you might need.

    On top of all of that you can expect:

  • 24/7 Global Support
  • Daily WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Automatic Security Checks
  • Daily Backups, Kept Forever
  • Monthly Audit
  • Cancel Anytime

  • £49 Single FixSubscribe £34/mo

    Extensive support

    Fixed isn't confined to individual software or skills. Our experts are talented in everything from Wordpress to Domains to Magento.

    We have predefined tasks you can select from, or you can ask us to do a custom job (so long as it fits into our service guidelines). If we can't do it there's no charge.

    Add a Site

    Read about our story to find out why we're uniquely placed to offer high quality website support.

    Quick Turnaround

    We understand how important your site is. is headquartered in London, England, but our site experts are located around the world. That enables us to look at your issues quickly, no matter the time. We triage issues based on urgency, so a critical issue will be prioritised by our team

    Our global reach also gives us the 24/7/365 coverage we need to react to site outages or backup failures, protecting you round the clock.

    Secure Website Portal

    Add infinite websites from multiple providers, keeping track of your sites in one place. Allow your team members to request tasks and administer features site by site.

    Every time data is shared, it's encrypted and stored in our vault. You'll be able to see who requested information and when, and revoke access from both our staff members and your team members at the click of a button. is not tied to any particular web host or environment; we won't upsell and we're not driven by your host's sales targets.

    Backups Included

    Don't take any risks! Our excellent backup system takes daily versions of your websites and stores them in the Cloud. We will keep those revisions forever, and you can browse, download and restore them in our control panel. Set up is easy, but we're on hand to help with configuration.

    Limited backups can be added for free too.

    Uptime Monitoring

    All customers get our advanced monitoring, which tracks uptime and response speed throughout the day. Downtime will prompt our experts to automatically take a look at your site and begin a fix.

    In addition, health checks built in to the portal can alert you to vulnerabilities and issues with your website.

    Monitor a Site for Free

    Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you aren't happy for any reason, then we'll refund you straight back to your payment method!