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Making a profit from your website and extending your online presence is the main goal for most business owners. WordAds is the official WordPress.com advertising program available for WordPress websites, which helps you increase your earnings.

At the bottom of every WordPress website you can see the WordAds ads. Over 50 online advertisers such as Google AdSense & Adx, Yahoo, Amazon A9, AOL Marketplace, bid to display ads for their clients in WordAds spots. Due to the high demand and competition among advertisers, WordPress ensures that sites with the highest revenue get ad spots.

How to apply for WordAds?

For the time being, WordAds is available only for sites hosted with WordPress.com or self-hosted sites using the Jetpack plugin. Business on Premium and e-commerce plans are eligible for WordAds and can apply here.

After the approval of your account, once you activate it, you can now start managing your Ad Settings:

- ads visibility: who sees your ads. By default, they are shown to everyone. You have the option to display the ads to visitors who are logged out of their WordPress account, or pause the ads altogether.

- ad placement: allows you to turn on or off the ads for certain areas on your site. Be advised that the placements depend of the theme and different themes have different ad placements.

Ads earning

You can keep track of your current earnings by going to My sites – Earn – Ads Earnings

Total earnings:

- the revenue earned since you’ve been enrolled in WordAds.

Total paid:

- the earnings that have been paid to you while you’ve been enrolled in WordAds.

Outstanding amount:

- earnings that still haven’t been paid out.

Why do companies compete for WordAds?

Over tens of millions of WordPress sites display WordAds ads, reaching over a billion people per month. Advertisers are always competing for spots which leads to WordPress choosing the most high-quality websites. This led to the creation of a platform for self-hosted WordPress sites using Jetpack Ads, available with the Jetpack plugin, providing millions of additional opportunities for advertising.

What is Jetpack?

If you post content regularly on your website and already have a built audience for your site, generating revenue from it is the next step to evolve your online business.

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin which brings together many of the most powerful features on WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress sites.

Once you activate it, Jetpack will display ads from the approved advertisers on your site which allows you to earn money when readers click an a certain ad.

Simple install

After you complete the application, you can install WordAds on your website with just a few simple clicks. WordAds will place the ads automatically, which will optimize their placement as per the payout of your site so that you receive the best return.

WordPress’s policy is to partner only with high quality advertisers that display only family-friendly ads. Gambling, nudity or ads with fraudulent claims are prohibited.

Automated ad targeting

WordPress uses video, retargeting, and private deals when showing the ad campaigns to your site’s visitors. This means the ads are based on their browsing history. Each visitor will view ads, especially targeted for them.

You don't have to have deep understanding of coding to add WordAds to your site. If you have any questions or need some guidance make sure to contact our Fixed team, available 24/7!

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