Why You Need a Contact Form on Your Website


· 16th December 2021·Contact forms and WordPress emails

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Do you need a contact form on your website? What are the reasons you should include a contact form on your site? Read this post to get answers to your question.

Why You Need a Contact Form on Your Website

The setup and configuration of your website can make a significant impact on your business. A good website will attract more leads and clients to your business while a bad one could destroy your business. Different things make up a good website.

One of the crucial ones is the contact form. If you want to build a sound and effective website, you cannot avoid having contact forms on your site. They help to generate leads, which is very important to the life of your business. This article looks at why you should have a contact form on your website.

7 Reasons to have a Contact Form on Your Site

There are many reasons to add at least a contact form to your website. In this section, we will look at the top seven reasons why you should. Let us go into the details!

• Secures your Site

An insecure website is open to spam messages and hacking. Having a contact form on your site helps to minimize or remove the possibility of getting spammed. This ensures the security and integrity of your site. An alternative to using contact forms is to include your email address or phone number on your website to enable your site visitors to reach out to you.

• Boosts your Business Image

A contact form makes your website looks more professional, which improves your business image. A “contact us” page with a displayed phone number and email address does not have the same effect.


That is why it is recommended that you include a decent, even if it is a basic, contact form on your site. It lets your site visitors see that you are organized has have taken time to design a communication channel that is simple and effective with your visitors.

• Allows your Customers to Reach You Easily

Of course, your social media handles allow your customers and prospects to communicate with you directly. However, not all customers are active on social media. So, how will this segment of customers reach you when they want to? Contact forms come in handy in such situations.

When people visit your website, they can simply fill out a contact form on your site and give their complaints or requests, which come directly to your email.


When people send you an email through a contact form, they believe that you will get their messages directly and not your social media manager. That means customers and prospects are more likely to contact you through contact forms.

• Automates Email Responses

Imagine having to respond to every email you get immediately after they are sent. That means you will be stuck to your computer 24/7 and would not do anything else. However, with contact forms, you can automate email responses that send an automatic response to your prospects when they communicate with you.

It saves time and makes your business looks very efficient. When a site visitor submits a form, you get an email notification and your sender gets an automated response letting them know that you got their email and you will get in touch with them shortly. It makes life easy for everyone.

• Generates more Leads

Whether you offer an online service or sell a local product, you need an email list through which you can consistently connect to your prospects. Contact forms help you to generate this list fast. When site visitors send emails to you, their emails are automatically harvested and loaded to your email list.

Whenever you want to run an email campaign, you have a ready audience that you can send to. The way you design your contact form also lets you collect other data that will help you tailor special messages to prospects that will generate leads and, ultimately sales.

Contact forms also provide you with the data you need to analyze and profile your target audiences. When you have a perfectly profiled target, you can target customized marketing emails to them and improve your lead generation.

• Easy way to get Visitors’ Feedback

You can design your contact forms to include a survey to let your visitors provide feedback on their experience while using your site, service, or product. This ensures that you remain on top of your game and you can easily identify your blind spots and improve your business and service delivery.


Getting feedback from clients and prospects gives you insights into their experience and thoughts about your brand. This is very crucial if you want your business to grow.

• Easy to integrate with other Tools

Keeping data organized and optimized can be very challenging, especially if you use different applications for your business management. To save time and get tasks done, it is crucial to integrate different apps and features.

Contact forms make it possible to integrate collated data with other effective business tools, such as cloud software and email marketing services. For instance, you can connect your contact forms with a plethora of applications through an integration platform, such as Zapier.


This post looks at seven important reasons why you need a contact form on your website. It helps to secure your site, boosts your business image, makes connecting with you easier, and generates more leads conveniently.

It also saves time as you can automate email responses and also makes getting feedback from clients and prospects very easy. You can also integrate contact forms with other business applications and software for seamless business operations.

What is the purpose of a contact form on my website?

A contact form on your website allows your site visitors to communicate with you directly. It provides a convenient, immediate method for your site visitors to connect with you and lodge their requests and complaints. The contact form has fields, such as name, address, comment, phone number, and email address.

Should I put my email address on my website instead of a contact form?

It is not recommended that you put your email address on your website. Putting your email address on your site removes the security that Google looks for when crawling your site. That means apart from the likelihood of getting spammed, you also risk the integrity of your website.

Should I include my office address on my site?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you show a physical address on your corporate website as this adds credibility and reputation to your business. If you run a home business and you are not comfortable with showing your home address, you can use a virtual office or a PO Box as your address.

How are other sites getting my email address?

When you show your email address on your website, you increase the chance of other people mining your details. They can copy your email address from your site and add it to their email list or sell it to other website owners. When this happens, you start getting spam and unwanted emails.

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