Why should I use a professional malware removal service?


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Have you noticed that sometimes your system is behaving out of the ordinary? Has your computer slowed down? Then you most likely need a professional malware removal service.

Why should I use a professional malware removal service?

Have you noticed that sometimes your system is behaving out of the ordinary? Has your computer slowed down? Are some apps and features not working properly? Have files gone missing and pop-ups showing up constantly?

Then you most likely need a professional malware removal service.

What is malware?

Commonly known as a malicious software, the term describes all malicious code or program which could be harmful to your system. It could take the form of scripts, executable code, active content, or any other type of software while being introduced to your computer. The main categories include ransomware, adware, trojans, scripts, and spyware.


As the name suggests, viruses infect clean files by attaching themselves to other clean files. They can severely damage the functionality of your core, as well as corrupting and deleting files. You might notice they appear as .exe files on Window systems.


Trojans describes themselves as legitimate software, or are hiding in a legitimate software which has been tampered with. They create backdoors used to steal your data.


This type of malware is designed specifically to spy on you. It can send data based on your browsing history and what you type, such as credit card numbers, passwords and more.


They infect entire network with the help of network interfaces. It infects machine after machine.


This type of malware is getting more and more common, as it locks down your files on your computer, while holding your dad a hostage and threatening to delete or leak your data unless you pay a ransom.


Although its nature is not malicious, with this software you get automatically displayed advertising material, in most cases unwanted. It could lead to malicious infections.


They are network of infected computers which can be used to perform distributed DDoS attacks, since pain, still data, and allow access to your device.

Reasons to use a professional malware removal service

Running a business can be expensive; there are so many different things to pay for. For example, you'll need to pay to get your website up and running, pay the copywriter to write the text, and pay for the site to be hosted and maintained. This expenditure can sometimes leave a business owner feeling like they should cut corners and take on some of the tasks they would typically outsource.

Here are a few reasons why removing the malware yourself isn't such a great idea.

• Do you know what you're doing? You may identify what needs to be removed and remove it, but typically there are other infections on a website that you may not be aware of. You could be removing an essential piece of code that keeps your website stable.

• The piece of malware could be sitting between your customer and your website. This means they could be capturing any information entered, such as names, telephone numbers and email addresses.

• Have you got spare time? Business owners are busy people. It's typically far more comfortable and time effective to hire somebody who knows exactly what they are doing, removing the malware from your website. If you've had a few problems recently, then there could be a lot of mess to clean up, and that could be very trying.

• You can find out what's gone wrong from our technicians. Quite often our technicians will have seen what your website had before and will be able to inform you of what's gone wrong. You can also ask whether you need more protection on your website or change hosts. Our WordPress developers know a lot about websites, hosting, maintenance and security. After all, they spend all their hours a day in and day out on these matters. That is why they are experts.

• You paid a lot of money on your website. It usually works for you 24/7 bringing brand awareness, ad income or other benefits to your business. By trying to remove the malware, you could mess up the design, stop some of the features from working correctly or create another disaster. It really is best to leave it to the professionals to remove website malware.

Check out our Malware Removal Services and ensure the security of your website. We are professionals are fixing hacked websites. Just get in touch and we can start immediately!

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