Website receiving DNS_PROBE FINISHED_NXDOMAIN issues

Website receiving DNS_PROBE FINISHED_NXDOMAIN issues

We're aware of a current issue between Google DNS and Cloudflare. This is causing some sites to show the error 'DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN'.

This does not mean that the website is down. Instead, it means that your computer can't resolve the website location. Your computer is set to use Google's DNS server to find out the location of the website.

Removing this DNS resolver, or replacing it with another, should fix your issue.

  1. Go to your internet browsing settings. On a Mac this is under system properties. On a PC it is under Internet settings, then properties.
  2. Under DNS servers, remove the record. You can optionally add If you do not, your computer should default to your network provider's DNS.

Once done, you should no longer receive these errors.