How to Optimise Divi for Search Engine Optimisation


· 04th January 2022·Wordpress, Optimisation

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Do you have a Divi website and you are looking for ways to optimise your site for search engine optimisation? Read this post to see how.

How to Optimise Divi for Search Engine Optimisation

Every business owner, whether small or large, understands the importance of SEO. SEO entails numerous intricate processes that often lead to trepidation and confusion among website owners. However, when the intricacies are broken down, it becomes easier to understand and manage.

If you run a Divi-powered website, you would surely want your site’s posts and web pages to rank high in search results. If you are not found in popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, you may as well not have a website.

Is Divi SEO-Friendly?

This question has come up severally from users and potential users of Divi Theme. It makes sense to have questions when using a premium plugin on your site. You paid for it, so you should know if it is worth the money you invest in it or not. The good news is that Divi is SEO-friendly.

Elegant Themes offers different separate tools that users can apply to improve SEO on their sites. However, you must understand that these tools would not make your site automatically search engine optimised.

It requires that you apply other mechanisms to improve your site’s SEO. We will look at different ways you can do this in this post. If you are interested in improving the SEO of your Divi website, here are some methods to use to achieve your goal.

Best Methods to Optimise Divi for SEO

Here are the best ways to optimise your Divi website for search engine optimisation:

Get your Content Creation Mechanics Right

Content creation will remain the priority when it comes to improving the search engine optimisation for your Divi site or any site at that. Google is specific about quality content. When the crawler of the search engine goes to work, it has a single mission – find quality content. If your content creation is right, Google crawler will value your content and this will help your site to rank higher. Here are some important steps to help you create the right content.

• Research the topic: The first thing is to research the topic you want to write about and see how high-ranking websites have created content on the same topic. Use the search engine and see content relating to your field area on the first page. With this, you will get an idea of how topics are crafted and how the Meta Descriptions are written. You should also see how they have structured and developed the content.

• Research Keywords: Keywords are crucial in determining the specific queries that your target audience is looking for. When you include these keywords in your content, you are sure to boost your SEO. You can use Google Keywords Planner to research keywords in your domain.

• Create a structure for your content: Your content should have a smooth flow. It should have an introduction, a body, and a call to action.

• Use correct Headings and Subheadings: Your content is incomplete when you do not use headings and subheadings. When writing your headings and subheadings, it is recommended that you use keywords in the headings where possible but do not force it. Consider using descriptive and long headings. It is a good idea to use questions and proper heading tags.

• Use graphics with appropriate Alt images because organic search also happens from images. It is good to use embedded text, also known as Alt Text or Alternative Text. That is because Google does not understand what an image symbolizes but it can read embedded text attached to an image.

• Use Anchor Links, Internal, and External Links: When you add links to your website, you create easy and accessible pathways to enable crawlers to index your website on a server. When this happens, it improves your SEO.

Use WordPress SEO Plugins and Divi SEO

Knowing how to create good content is not enough. You also need to know the right language to use. To know the right language, you need an SEO plugin. SEO plugins let you know the volume of keywords to use in your content.

They also let you know the volume of headings you should use with keywords and whether or not there is a link in the content. Some SEO plugins that you can consider to balance the SEO on the pages and posts on your websites include Yoast SEO, RankMath, and SurferSEO.

Create a Structure to Follow to Enhance Divi SEO

To score excellently on SEO, the structure of the design of your website is also critical. How you represent each section of your site determines how effective your Divi theme site is with SEO. For instance, if you post high-quality content that is unreadable, it is impossible to create an impression on your audience.

If your content is not impressive, there is a high chance that users will bounce your content. When your bounce rate is high, it reduces the SEO of your Divi Theme. Here are some ways to improve the structure of your site.

• Design a good homepage with an easy-to-navigate header menu to improve the SEO score. It is recommended that you include a contact form or a CTA to enable users to request your service. This will improve your site’s SEO.

• Maximize individual pages on your site by adding breadcrumbs to improve the SEO. Use the right headings tag with specific keywords and other search suggestions.

• Create impressive posts and blogs with comments tags and others: Divi Theme comes with post pages with a comments section associated with the h1. This can reduce the SEO score on the site. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove the h1 tag and assign a new one.

You can use the Divi theme builder to create a custom post template and also assign comments to a section using a separate headings tag. You can also choose a pre-built template designed for Divi blog posts.

• Optimise Divi 404 Pages: When you customize Divi 404 pages, you save your site from achieving lower SEO scores as a result of a funny-looking 404 page.


There you have the top tips to help you optimise your Divi website for search engine optimisation. With these tips, you can improve your SEO scores and your ranking on search engines.

What is the best way to improve SEO with Divi?

Change the H1 heading tags in the comment template of your Divi Theme and disable AJAX pagination from the Divi Blog Module. Other points have been discussed in the post.

Does Divi work with Yoast?

Yes, Divi is compatible with many SEO plugins, including Yoast.

Umair Khan