How to add Analytics to WordPress?  - PART II

How to add Analytics to WordPress? - PART II

Posted 05th September, 2019 by Nadejda

When you hear about “web analytics” at first it may sound like the least important part of digital presence. Your website is the root of it and the best way to measure the effectiveness of your paid campaigns. Google Analytics is the tool for it.

The best way to get to know your audience is using traffic stats which is where Google Analytics comes in. In our last blog post we discussed how to add Analytics Cat – a light and easy for installation plugin.

In Part II of our article, we are going to talk about another popular and useful plugin – MonsterInsights.

Adding Analytics with MonsterInsights

Monsterinsights is the go-to plugin for over 2 million users and brands such as Microsoft, PlayStation and Subway. Beginners and experts alike find it the best option for adding Analytics to WordPress.

Let’s start the installation by downloading it HERE. When you activate it, the plugin will add a new menu labeled Insights to your WordPress admin dashboard.


You will see the option for the type of your website (business, blog, ecommerce).

Next, click on Connect MonsterInsights.


You will be re-directed to your Google account, where you will be asked to sign in.


Next step is to allow MonsterInsights to access your Analytics account.


Click Allow and continue.

Now you need to select the profile you wish to track. Select your site and click on Complete authentication.


You will be asked to install Google Analytics on your website and select the settings.


For most websites, the default settings would work great. Click on Save and Continue.

You are all set! The installation is complete, please bear in mind that it takes some time for Analytics before it starts showing your stats

Error Prevention

The best way to prevent this from happening on your site is to ‘keep it clean’! What do we mean by that? Keeping your core WordPress version up to date is a must. Not only for incompatibility reasons but also for security. Same thing goes for your plugins and theme. It is mandatory to keep everything up to date. Also, we would recommend you to use the latest versions of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB.

And that’s it! You are now tracking how your clients are interacting with your site and you have access to super useful data! As always, if you need help setting up your site and integrating Google Analytics, our 24/7 team is here to help as always in any way that we can!

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