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What is cPanel

Posted 04th октомври, 2018

cPanel is the world's most popular shared hosting control panel. It gives control over all aspects your your web hosting including files, databases, email, statistics, cron jobs and more, from one easy to use control panel. cPanel administers one server which runs all these different aspects of your site.

Log in to cPanel

cPanel is a standalone hosting environment which can be provided by any web hosting provider. Most cPanel features are identical, regardless of which provider is used.

cPanel runs on one web server. Any domain name which points to that server can be used to log in.

The following links should therefore provide a cPanel login screen:

  • Your domain name will need to be pointing to your web hosting server for this to work.
  • Go to This uses the server host name.
  • Use the server IP address in the format or 2082 (non-SSL) and 2083 (SSL) are the cPanel ports.
  • Often, will also work. This uses port 80 rather than a cPanel port. Useful if a network is blocking custom ports.