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Back up Databases

Posted 03rd октомври, 2018 can back up up to 10 databases per website. At present, we can backup MySQL, MariaDB and Percona databases.

You will need the following:

  • Your database server hostname. You web host can provide this to you, but it is likely to be your domain name or server name. It will not be localhost.
  • A database user and password. The database user will need privileges on your database. For a backup we will need at least SELECT. For a restore we will need at least INSERT.
  • The database name.
  • The database port. This is likely to be 3306.

Once you have these, database backups can be configured in as follows:

  1. Ensure the desired website is added to your dashboard or that you are delegate on the website. Advanced users: note that you can add multiple versions of a website.
  2. Click the Backups tab under your website.
  3. Under Database Backups click Configure Now
  4. You will see two IP addresses on the pop up - please allow these remote access to your databases.
  5. Enter the details above when prompted.

That's it! Once submitted your Database Backup will go to Pending status, and shortly after we will back up your database and update this status to Ok. You will then be able to view the backups we have taken.

Common Errors

Frequent issues with database connections are listed below.

  • IP not allowed. You may need to allow our IP addresses to your web hosting provider's allow list. There is usually an interface for this in the control panel (see for cPanel or for Plesk). If not you may need to ask your web hosting provider to allow our IPs manually.
  • User not added to database or Insufficient Permissions. A database can have multiple users and those users can all have independent database permissions. Try adding the user to the database again and giving them permissions. For backups we only require the SELECT permission.
  • Hostname not responding Ensure you are entering the correct database server name or IP address. localhost or are not correct as these are local networking terms; try using your domain name instead.
  • Database name incorrect

Changing Credentials Later

Credentials can be changed at any time. Database backups are not incremental.

Connection Failures

If we fail to back up your database we will send you an email alert informing you of the connection failure.