White-label Website Maintenance

Sell Fixed.net Services As Your Own.

Fixed.net takes care of your ongoing website support, dealing with your clients as if we were part of your team. We're specialists with WordPress but can work with most websites. Our prices drop as you scale, allowing you to build additional revenue with no hassle or overhead.

Brandable Interface

Customise our interface with your own logo and name. A whitelabel domain URL is used so that your customers will never know about fixed.net, and all emails and notifications are sent from that URL.

You take care of invoicing your customers yourself; we just charge you our low monthly fee which drops as more sites are added.

Our reseller platform is automated and set up is instant. Create an account with us to get started, or contact our support team.

What's included...

We'll solve all the website headaches that your clients might have, provide round the clock support and unlimited bug fixes. And the best thing about it? Clients will think it's an added value service that you're offering.

Regular Updates

We keep on top of plugin, theme and site updates for all sites. Vulnerable or urgent updates will be done immediately, and minor updates on schedule. We'll stage significant upgrades to ensure they don't break functionality, and fix things if they do.

Security monitoring

Constant scanning for vulnerabilities - both within files and of zero day plugin issues. Every backup we take gets scanned for against our database of tens of millions of malware signatures. We'll jump into action if any matches are found.

Unlimited small jobs

Your clients can request unlimited tasks and fixes from us through the brandable interface. We'll reply and work on their issues usually within two hours.

Twice daily backups

Backups of their website, stored forever. We can roll back to any point in time, and take on-demand backups before changes are made.

Optional AWS Hosting

Free hosting included on our AWS cPanel platform. We can provide fully managed dedicated servers at additional cost.

24/7 Monitoring

Monitoring by our team of experts 24/7, so we're immediately aware of issues. We monitor for both uptime and site performance.


Our rate card price for a single website is £65.83 per month, or £32.50 per month if paid yearly up front (+VAT). This significantly discounts in bulk. Prices shown below are the monthly price excluding VAT. Contact us for bespoke pricing if you have more than 100 websites.

No. SitesDiscountPaid MonthlyPaid QuarterlyPaid Yearly
1-£65.83 per site£49.16 per site£32.50 per site
2+10%£59.25 per site£44.25 per site£29.25 per site
4+25%£49.38 per site£36.88 per site£24.38 per site
10+30%£46.08 per site£34.41 per site£22.75 per site
20+35%£42.79 per site£31.96 per site£21.13 per site
30+50%£32.92 per site£24.58 per site£16.25 per site

Get Started

To get started first create a my.fixed.net user account for free. Then message us on live chat or via phone to enable your reseller. We'll need to know your desired brand name.

Frequently asked questions

How do I manage my clients?

You create your clients in your my.fixed.net reseller portal. After entering their email, they will get a whitelabel email asking them to set a password. You can test this with an email of your own first if you like.

Can you apply bulk discounts?

Yes. The more websites you subscribe, the lower the price per site. Discounts are applied automatically as you scale.

What if the client requests advanced development or design work?

We're a maintenance company so don't do custom development or design. You can see all threads and tasks your clients raise, and reply directly.

How do I charge my clients?

This is something you should handle separately to fixed.net. We will only charge you our monthly fees and have no billing relationship with your client.

Will my clients websites be secure?

Yes. We've built the system around security and backups are taken before any updates are made to customers websites.

Can my clients request one-time tasks?

All subscribed sites get unlimited support tasks and jobs. We do not offer one-time fixes to reseller clients - sites must be subscribed.

Can I see the requests clients raise?

Yes, all information is also shown in your my.fixed.net portal.

"Do not hesitate to use them. These guys will fall over themselves to help you out quickly effectively and with customer care and technical excellence at the forefront of their minds. Seriously impressive..."
"I can recommend Fixed.net without hesitation. Their communication is both rapid and professional. Nothing feels like it is too much trouble and they were able to help me in next to no time - frequently 3 or 4 issues fixed in a single day..."
"I wasn't sure where to turn with my issue but then came across an advert for Fixed.net. I gave them a call and they reassured me that the process I required was something they could do. I would not hesitate to use them again..."