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Users and Access Permission

Posted 04th Oktober, 2018

Connecting to a database requires a hostname, username, password and database name. Most applications will prompt you for these details.

On cPanel, the default hostname is localhost.

The username and password authenticate you against the database host, and a series of priviliege options define what you can do on that specific domain. For most applications you require at least SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE privlieges.

Database users

When creating a database you also create a database user for it. Trough the Manage Users tab in the MySQL Databases menu, you will be able to give a user access to more than one database. By doing this you can manage all of your databases on a specific database server in one session.

When managing a new user for a database, you can select Show Privileges and add the user to a different database or select new permissions for it. You can have more than one user per database.

Common Connection Errors

Here are common database connection errors you might receive and how to fix them:

  • User does not have X privileges: Your user is not added to the database or does not have enough privileges on it.
  • Cannot connect to database server: Your database hostname is wrong or is not allowing connections. If connecting remotely, ensure the IP is added to the remote access list.
  • Password refused for user X: The database username or password are incorrect. You should reset the password under cPanel, then Mysql Users.