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Page Builder Issues

Posted 18th Desember, 2018

Page builders allow site developers to easily structure and manage a page - often through a clickable interface. They make editing a page straightforward and graphical. However, they can lead to headaches.

Example Page Builders

The most popular page builders include:

  • Visual Composer
  • Buiverr Builder
  • SiteOrigin Builder
  • Elementor

Not Loading or Enabling

A common issue is that page builders can't load or be enabled. Sometimes the page will hang, or be indefinitely loading.

To correct the issue increase the PHP memory_limit and max _execution_time with the hosting provider.

Elements not displaying

Elements on a page may be sliders or galleries or portfolios. These will draw in items and dynamically generate a feature on the page. Page builders usually call those items using an ID of the item or the category of the item.

When those items are not displayed, the issue would usually be the use of incorrect item ID. Check the IDs that are set within the element, against the item IDs that you are requesting.

Broken Builder Features

If a page feature is not working, this is often caused by a conflict between another plugin and the page builder. Usually, this happens when functions would overlap or duplicate.

For example: The page builder has an integrated contact form, but you have installed Contact Form 7. One of the two isn’t working properly (e.g. The CSS is broken, the mail function is not executing, a Captcha is not displaying...). The solution here is to disable the conflicting plugin.

Responsiveness issues

Most builders are designed responsively - e.g, the pages they create will work on desktops, mobiles and tablets. However, this can sometimes break.

Builders will often give the ability to set 'items per row', for example when displaying features, or icons. If you set this too high, then they won't turn responsive at the right time. Drop the number of elements per row and it should be fixed.

If you are experiencing any page builder issues, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.