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Our Story

Posted 03rd Oktober, 2018

The team behind founded and grew large global hosting companies. These were started in the early 2000s and grew rapidly throughout the next fifteen years, almost all through word of mouth. Customers received excellent support 24/7, completely inclusive and free of up-sell. At peak, 200 support staff were looking after millions of websites for hundreds of thousands of customers.

We sold up between 2014 and 2017 and our companies are now part of a huge hosting conglomerate. Post-acquisition, in a revenue drive that was prescient and indicative of the industry at large, website support was cut back and monetised; support agents are now primarily sales agents. If you buy web hosting you get web hosting: support is extra.

When we saw this industry wide step-change, we realised a solution was needed, and we were the best people to offer it.

At we used our experience to build the best website support team the world has ever known. Here's how:

  1. We are impartial. Agnostic of software, domain or hosting provider.
  2. We can work across all your sites with many providers; don't keep all your eggs in one basket.
  3. We won't up-sell. There's not anything we can up-sell you to. We might make recommendations that you upgrade with your provider, or even that you change provider, but we'll never get a kick-back from that recommendation. Simple, honest advice.
  4. We are just a support team. Our entire focus is on ensuring your website runs well. That's our only job.
  5. We designed our system from the ground-up entirely based on our needs, using our experience running large support teams. Privacy and security was a principal consideration, as well as the efficiency of triaging requests and support multiple systems.