WordPress for Nonprofit Organizations

WordPress for Nonprofit Organizations

Posted 29th October, 2019 by Nadejda

Given the “Free of charge” policy of WordPress, it’s absolutely normal that it’s the most popular platform for nonprofit organizations. WordPress provides you with all the tools you need to create a website, which will communicate professionalism and will help you reach out to new supporters of your cause.

What is a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofits invest revenues back into their activity, such as rising money for a cause or creating awareness over a certain topic. Nonprofit organizations can be small groups in a community or international campaigning organizations. Some of them offer services, others support communities.

Modern organizations use different tools when gaining new supporters, including the web and social media. This is why it’s essential for nonprofit organizations to have an effective online presence.

Why nonprofits use WordPress?

As WordPress is the most popular CMS which powers up to 34% of the web, there is a good chance that your staff might have already worked or interacted in a certain way with the platform. There is ton of information on the internet which will educate you on WordPress. This will save you the time or need of extra training

Benefits of WordPress for Nonprofit organizations

It’s Free

The WordPress platform is free and always will be. When creating a website, you would need to pay only for a few basic things such as domain name and hosting plan. You can add extra functionality by installing plugins and appropriate themes, and all of this for free.

If you decide you can spare some extra budget, there are premium plugins and themes which might customize your website and make it more effective.

WordPress is Open Source

WordPress’s code is public: this means anyone can download it, copy it, or make changes. As long as you don’t use it for illegal purposes, there are no restrictions

Dedicated community of Users and Developers

WordPress has a huge community or developers around the world, in addition to millions of users. They are passionate about the platform which is why many of them work on sites for nonprofits, meaning you can find someone who will support your cause.

Nonprofit organizations using WordPress

The Jane Goodal Institute

This famous organization is committed to protection the environment, continuing Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees.

Their website includes features such as a static homepage with a full-width banner, a newsletter signup and press section, interactive map exploring their project and much more.

Cure International

A Christian-nonprofit organization, providing medical care for children in developing countries. Their site is consistent of a static homepage with clear call to action, news section, embedded video, and member’s section.

People Under Threat

A single page for Minority Rights Group. It’s an interactive map, which is designed to provide users with the organization’s annual “People Under Threat” report.

Themes for Nonprofits

There are a variety of themes designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, some are free of charge, others at a cost.

When making a choice for a theme, don’t worry so much about functionality, as this can be achieved with a plugin. Instead make sure to check the layout of the theme and its customization options. This will help you add your logo, branding and more.

Best Free WordPress Themes

The free themes will have fewer features than the premium ones and slower support. If you are on a tight budget and your website has basic needs, this might be a great option for you.

1. NGO Charity Lite

This theme is great for Non-Profit, fundraising and crowdfunding organizations. The features included are grid layout, full width template and customizable background, colors, logo, header and menu.

2. Foster Charity

The theme includes different calls to action, sliders, as well as a customizable layout. It includes Portfolio section, Upcoming events section, call to

actions buttons and sliders.

3. FinRelief

Specifically designed for charities and nonprofits. It includes four-footer widget areas, customization for background, logo, header, menu. The home page areas are designed to highlight your activity.

Best Premium Themes

If you decide to spend some extra money on a more user friendly and intuitive interface, as well as extra features, then you might want to check the premium themes options.

You don’t have to necessarily buy one designed just for nonprofits, sometimes a more general theme may meet your needs just great. However, there are a few we recommend that you check out:

1. Charity Foundation

This theme from vendor ThemeForest is designed for nonprofit organizations. The premium features include donations with Paypal, events calendar, tab for donors with sign-in, slider, a visual page builder.

2. Act

Another premium theme from ThemeForest, this one includes a slider and visual page builder.

Included features are: visual composer page builder, option to change colours and fonts, library of icons, event calendar and a home page call to action button which will help you raise donations.

3. Zeko

This theme is one of the three from Anariel Design. It includes: WooCommerce integration, newsletter, page builder support, widget areas, donations built in.

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