WordPress 5.3 and what to expect?


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Ever since the release of WordPress 5.2 users have been anxiously waiting for the new version – WordPress 5.3, expected in November 2019.

WordPress 5.3 and what to expect?

Ever since therelease of WordPress 5.2 users have been anxiously waiting for thenew version – WordPress 5.3, expected in November 2019.

This would be thelast major release of the year with a series of updates lined up. WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden confirmed that some ofthem could include:

- Grouping: theoption to divide your page into sections

- Motion: Moving andarranging blocks

- Column patters andweights: additional support for column weights and predefinedlayouts.

- Big image: savingyour progress when a larger image fails to upload

- Mediaaccessibility: certain fixes and polish as a result of the a11y audit

- PHP 7.4: supportfor the new November release

Gutenberg Editor


Some new, interesting and improved features are expected in the Gutenberg block editor.

The days of page building plugins are gone as WordPress is replacing all that with block-based editing. You can now use blocks to create or replace all type of content, leading to media rich pages and posts.

Atomic Blocks


Atomic Blocks represent a collection of page building blocks which is a part of the new Gutenberg block editor. They give you flexibility and control over building any kind of website, as well as freedom of using all types of devices and creating modern, multimedia-heavy layouts.

Installing theAtomic Block plugin adds a collection of site building blocks whichhelp you customize your site’s layout, increase user engagement andget better business results.

Section andLayout Block


In addition to theAtomic Blocks, WordPress introduces the new Section and Layout Block.It comes with a library of pre-designed sections and layouts, whichyou can browse by category and add to favorites for quicker access.

The New Twenty Twenty Default Theme


WordPress has confirmed that the new release will include a new default theme - Twenty Twenty, based on Chaplin, although it will not retain the same style. With some changes in colour and typography the theme has its own distinct character. The design is more oriented towards business, blogs, and organizations, depending on what block combination you choose.

Overall the focus of the new version is polishing the current user interactions and making it more user friendly.

What are your expectations of WordPress 5.3? Drop a comment bellow, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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