Which are the best RSS Feed plugins?


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In order to have an easier way to automatically pull content from your site, you will need to use an RSS feed plugin.

Which are the best RSS Feed plugins?

In order to have an easier way to automatically pull content from your site, you will need to use an RSS feed plugin. They can be very useful for boosting engagement, increasing page views and driving traffic.

Today we have picked the best available RSS feed plugins which can be used on your website.

Why do you need an RSS feed plugin?

With the help of RSS feed plugins websites can publish content in an XML file. This provides users with the opportunity to subscribe to content using RSS feed readers.

WordPress publishes feeds for your posts, authors, categories and more.

Aside from reading, RSS feeds have the ability to pull content from one site and display in to another.

With the help of RSS feed plugins, you can curate content from other websites to your liking. You have the ability to pull latest content from social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, in order to display them in WordPress.

WP comes with a widget built-in, but it will not let you customize the display so that you can add social buttons, thumbnails, etc. The reason most people use an RSS plugin is because of the added functionality.

Bellow you will find some of the most popular RSS feed plugins.

WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator

This is literally the best plugin for turning WP into a content generator. You have the option to merge, import, and display RSS feeds on your website without the need of coding.

It allows you to get content from other 3rd party sources, web properties and blogs. You can also import content as blog posts in WP and store them inside the WordPress database.

You can also fetch real-estate and job listings, news articles, or even curate the best posts from a blog of your choosing.

You can use the plugin for auto-blogging. This, however can lead to copyright violation and some legal trouble when used on 3rd party websites.

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

Smash Balloon Instagram Feed

This plugin would be your best choice if you are looking to embed latest IG content from your own profile or hashtag. Smash Balloon uses Instagram’s API to automatically display images from your account in WP.

It’s very user friendly and comes with a number of styles and layouts. The plugin is mobile responsive meaning it’s great for different devices.

With the help of hashtags, you can create custom Instagram feeds. You can also link your posts from Instagram to product pages in WooCommerce for increasing sales.

It supports IG stories as well, allowing you to display them in a lightbox popup on your site, bringing more users to your stories.

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Another excellent plugin for blog posting, Feedzy RSS allows you to fetch content from unlimited other RSS feeds, as well as displaying them on your site.

It comes with a number of templates so that you have full control over how your feeds look.

it integrates easily with your affiliate links, which allows you to display products with your affiliate ID. This will bring you more sales by sending affiliate traffic to 3rd party website.

Feedzy also comes with an article spinner which uses WordAI, rephrasing articles you wish to import on your website.

Features Image in RSS Feed

Super RSS reader

With this plugin is super easy to add a featured image to your RSS feed, without any coding knowledge needed. You have to option among multiple styles for your featured image or post thumbnail.

It works with standard formatting options for the featured image, allowing other news aggregators to detect and display it properly. It also integrates with the best email marketing services supporting RSS to their email feature.

Super RSS reader

Super RSS reader

Super RSS reader is a great way to display content, gathered from multiple RSS feeds in your WP sidebar. It’s equipped with an easy to use widget. It supports tabbed layout in order to display feeds from other sources. It also has image support, color choices and multiple styles.

CBX RSS Feed for Custom Post Types

CBX RSS Feed for Custom Post Types

Another simple and easy way to display your custom post types feeds in your WP feed.

By default, you can add RSS feed support for each of the custom post type. In most cases, however, users who have subscribed to your site, will be able to see just the main feed with blog posts in it.

The plugin resolves this issue by merging custom post type feeds inside the main WP feed. You can then select which post type to display in your main RSS feed.

Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed

Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed

This is the best Facebook feed plugin available on the market. With its help you can display posts from all of your FB pages and groups.

Based on your user engagement, Facebook will decide your content’s reach. This means that the more users interact with your content, the more updates they will see.

An easy way to boost user engagement is by adding your latest FB content feed to your website. The plugin allows you to display in a beautiful way your latest updates from your pages and groups from Facebook.

It has multiple layouts available, allowing you to customize the appearance of your Facebook feed, so that it matches your website style.

We hope the article was helpful and informative, allowing you to choose the best RSS feed plugin for your needs.

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