Useful marketing tools for your small businesses


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There are now numerous marketing tools on the market which can help you achieve excellent results in no time.

Useful marketing tools for your small businesses

Whether you are looking to expand your email and content marketing, social media tools, or even sales, there are now numerous marketing tools on the market which can help you achieve excellent results in no time.

Today we have gathered together some of the best available marketing tools if you are a small business owner, so that you can expand your organization and attract more customers.

Why do you need marketing automation tools?

Marketing automation will assist you in making your workflow a lot more efficient, so that your business can grow.

You simply need to create specific content, after which you can distribute with the help of automation tools without the need to do anything.

For example, you can create a chatbot for your website, set up an email autoresponder series, or a sales CRM which can organize your leads for you.

Best email marketing tools

You might already have an email newsletter but not taking full advantage of all of its capabilities.

With the help of these tools you can set up autoresponders and target every new customer who joins your list.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

This is the best email marketing service available for any small business. You can set up a sequence of emails which will be sent to any new subscriber. You can even customize the messages depending on the actions these subscribers make.

The tool uses a simple drag and drop interface. You have a 60-day free trial available, which gives you the chance to try it out.

2. Sendinblue


One of the best email plugins, Sendinblue is a great tool for SMS marketing. You have a variety of email templates available.

It allows you to build custom workflow which will then send out the emails automatically. You can even analyze and use to your advantage customers’ behavior on your site which can trigger emails.

3. Drip


A very powerful email marketing tool, Drip can be integrated with WooCommerce, a perfect option if you are running an online store. It has smart email segmenting and intelligent marketing automation.

It also provides plenty of support, using live chat and webinars, excellent documentation and online courses.

Onsite marketing automation (WP)

Onsite marketing tools are the ones you use on your website. they target your visitors effectively and automatically.

1. ChatBot


This smart automated bot has the ability to engage with users just like a live chat agent.

With the help of ChatBot you can create bookings, sell products and even schedule calls. You can easily integrate it with LiveChat, which means at any given time a live agent can connect to the conversation.

2. OptionMonster (OnSite Retargeting)


The onsite retargeting feature of OptionMonster will help you get your money’s worth from your advertising budget. You can create customized promotions for all visitors who have returned to your website. this way you will avoid showing them a campaign they have already encountered.

You can combine this feature with the other available ones in OptionMonster. This includes display rules which can be used to target customers based on the webpages they have visited; the devices they use, their past interaction with your site, and much more.

3. Intercom


Often seen as a live chat tool, but in reality, is much more than that. With its help you can use chatbots and integrate the chats with other marketing elements.

With Intercom you can send automated in-app messages, going far beyond a simple text. You can use videos, images, emojis, and even marketing app. You can choose from a number of message styles, and the best part is you don’t need a developer.

Content Marketing

Is creating new content taking too much of your time? You can use some of the following tools:

1. Outbrain


This tool allows you to showcase your content on online publications. They have partnered with such as US Weekly, CNN, Wall Street Journal, MSN, etc.

Readers will be able to see title, thumbnails and the name of your brand, linking them directly your website.

2. Zapier


With the help of this tool, you can connect other apps together, allowing a huge range. It’s ideal if you are looking to move content from one platform to another.

You can also automate the process for other tasks, such as adding new leads to database and spreadsheets, sharing new content on social media, and much more.

3. Google My Business Auto Publish

Google My Business Auto Publish

This simple, yet useful tool lets you publish content automatically on your My Business Google account. You can publish pages or posts, and even have a default message in order to spare some time.

Sales automation (CRM)

Are you missing out on sales due to little details, despite all of the effort from your team? With these powerful tools you can keep track of everything.

1. HubSpot


This all-in-one marketing software includes the HubSpot CRM tool which allows you to view your entire sales process and organize your content in a simple visual dashboard.

The HubSpot CRM can be used to schedule automated emails, live chat and much more. You can integrate it with tons of popular services.

2. Pipedrive


This sales CRM can help you in managing leads, tracking communication, and prioritizing deals. Repetitive tasks can be automated suing the app integrations and Pipedrive’s features. You can integrate it with tools like LiveChat and Chatbot.

It also gives you reminders based on activity, helping you to keep track of things, can automatically sync you with Google Calendar and create follow-up tasks.

3. Freshsales


Another great CRM, Freshsales has a sales-oriented approach. It works with the help of AI-powered lead scoring, allowing to prioritize leads based on the ones most likely to convert.

It will also automatically include some extra details on your leads, accounts, contacts and public information.


We hope this article was useful, share with us the marketing tools which work best for you and your business!

Nadejda Milanova

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