Useful marketing tips and plugins to promote your WordPress Site


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When deciding on the best way to promote your blog of website, content marketing’s main goal is to identify your ideas customer and provide them with the best possible content for their needs.

Useful marketing tips and plugins to promote your WordPress Site

If you have a blog or a website, chances of it being on WordPress are quite high. The platform’s popularity is increasing day by day and offering thousands of new plugins to its users. A lot of them are free and even manage to create a dialogue with your customers.

Basics when promoting a website

A website’s popularity is directly connected to multiple areas, such as:

  • Quality of content
  • SEO
  • UX of site – the navigation between posts and pages
  • Backlinks used to the website
  • Credibility created with the help of PR, press, interviews, posts
  • Social media
  • Bounce rate

Lucky for you, you can control most of these areas, depending on the quality of information you provide to your customers as well as the product-market fit.

Content marketing

When deciding on the best way to promote your blog of website, content marketing’s main goal is to identify your ideas customer and provide them with the best possible content for their needs. This in turn includes generating even more sales, automating processes or even saving time.

Defining the ideal content marketing strategy for your business requires and in-depth knowledge of the product, your audience, market, competitors, customer needs, etc.

There are different types of content which might be useful and generate conversions based on the target audience.

An example of the content strategy you can use as a foundation can be seen bellow:

  • Analyze your market and customer needs
  • Figure out which is the best content for you audience’s needs.
  • Identify the best channel – long/short stories, how-to articles, reviews, YouTube tutorials, radio show, podcasts, etc.
  • Summarize major problems in your industry and struggles, which you can easily explain and assist with.
  • List main competitors and analyze their strategy. What is they content type? What topics do they cover? What is the tone they use when communicating with their audience?
  • Choose your brand strategy and follow it trough.
  • Analyze main keywords your competitors use with the help of tools like Moz, SEMruch, BuzzSumo.
  • Combine this with a set if queries using Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner, in order to locate the direct and long-tail keywords you should be using.
  • Figure out if you can work with content upsells – guides, ebooks, checklists.
  • Produce great content which would solve the main problems your audience is facing.
  • Distribute and promote your content using social media and locate where your customers hang out most.
  • Revise your content, update it regularly, include more data like stats, stories, etc.
  • Build useful partnerships, submit guest post entries as well as other industry sources which would later link back to you.

It may take some time, but you have managed to identify successfully your target audience, what is best for them and how you can be helpful to customers, you simply need to follow your strategy. Your new content will add information to your previous posts, allowing you to link them.

Once your audience and traffic grow, study your followers, closely monitor how they interact on social media and email. This will help you to refine your process, if needed.

WordPress is the leading CMS, powering over 30% of sites on the internet, supporting several plugins which can be useful with simplifying your content strategy and process.

Bear in mind, that if you decide to combine plugins together, this may lead to issues with compatibility and performance. As your site grows with time, it’s best to consult a professional on website performance and ongoing stability.

Useful plugins when promoting your website

There are literally thousands of ways for online promotion. However, there are also a number of techniques which will increase your traffic and bring you new potential clients. Some of these techniques include plugins, some of which are great for marketers while other are more suited for website owners. In other words, you need to figure out what works best for you.


1. SumoMe

If there is valuable information on your website, then SumoMe is a must for you. It’s basically a list builder plugin. It provides pop-up windows which you can customizable and can help you in building email lists. It also easily integrates with other email marketing tools. You are also provided with a share application option which can bring more visitors.

Useful features:

  • Integration with WP themes
  • Control over growth features
  • Option to customize the subscribe box
  • Easy Twitter sharing
  • Asynchronous loading making your site faster
  • Email popup option
  • Compatible with social plugins
Pretty Links

2. Pretty Link Lite

A great plugin for promoting your business. It helps creating short links as well as sharing your website’s URLs. It’s very effective if you wish to mask affiliate links and redirects users to other pages.

Useful features:

  • Redirects to other URLs.
  • Track total number of hits.
  • Provides click details such as IP address, hosting, browsers, OS, etc.
  • Can create clean and simple URLs on the website.
  • Has a reporting interface.
  • Can download hit details.
Google Analytics Dashboard

3. Google Analytics Dashboard

With the help of this plugin you can add Google Analytics to your Dashboard. If you are pretty serious about blogging, this is a must have tool. With it you track and analyze your traffic and develop further promotional strategies. Prior to using it, make sure you install Google Analytics.

Useful features:

  • Comes with a user access level for the Backend stats and analytics report.
  • Option to display Google Analytics stats on frontend.
  • Useful when linking account with Google AdSense.
  • Based on the user roles it can exclude traffic.
  • Can display overall Traffic Overview in Pie charts.
  • Support localization.
  • Track emails, downloads and outbound links.
Yoast SEO

4. Yoast WordPress SEO

If you wish to make the whole SEO process easier, this is the plugin for you. With its help you can make all of your posts SEO friendly. It’s also one of the best WordPress plugins available for promoting your site. Yoast has already been downloaded over 14 million times thanks to it user friendly interface.

Useful features:

  • Helps you write better content
  • Provides insights on your content’ SEO condition
  • Provides useful recommendations
  • Analyzes pages
  • Enables pretty permalinks
  • Helps you write meta descriptions
  • Automatically adds and optimizes Meta tags

5. Mailchimp for WordPress

One of the best available email marketing tools, this plugin will help you build a mailing list and increase the engagement with your customers. It enables you to embed a signup from on your site and tell visitors about your services, products and events.

Useful features:

  • User friendly
  • Customizable
  • Beautiful theme


We hope these 5 WordPress plugins were useful when promoting your blog or site, while also improved the customer experience for your users, making your site look more professional.

Nadejda Milanova

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