Useful affiliate marketing tools


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In order to make it in this global competition and set yourself apart from the crowd as a professional affiliate marketer, you need a set of excellent marketing tools.

Useful affiliate marketing tools

Affiliate marketers don‘t just compete with other marketers. They have partnered up with multi-million dollar corporations and teams funded by venture funds.

In order to make it in this global competition and set yourself apart from the crowd as a professional affiliate marketer, you need a set of excellent marketing tools.

Today, we will cover the most popular affiliate marketing tools you need in order to win in this war of revenue commissioners. By using these tools, you will be able to understand the market, attract more traffic and convert users into potential customers.

Why is affiliate marketing worth to consider?

If you are a newby in the affiliate marketing sphere, it can be a challenge to start a new business. However, with affiliate marketing you have a number of benefits.

• Low investment. You can basically create an earning flow without the need to invest any sum. All you need is to set aside some free time and create your own website.

• No shipment or storefront. You don’t need to manage or have your own shop, or be involved in the shipping process. All you need to do is promote products for a third-party company.

• No support. There is no need to gather a support team. You can take care of your website on your own.

• Creating passive income. When you become a successful affiliate marketeer, you have the chance to create a passive income flow. Once the website is set up, it can generate a lot of profit from little effort.

• Global marketplace. One of the best aspects of affiliate marketing is the chance to open up your business globally. You can create it and reach out to an audience located at the other end of the world.

• Flexible working hours. You choose your own work schedule, as you are provided with a maximum work flexibility.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you also have a number of product categories at your disposal to promote on your website. You can choose from digital products, physical products, membership opportunity, and different services all throughout the world.

Below you will find some of the best available tools on the market, which we hope will be a successful start to your affiliate marketing journey.



This is essentially an online marketplace, where sites can be sold for a profit. It’s a great option for people who want to skip the annoying part of developing an affiliate site from scratch. With this tool you can find a website which is already in your niche and with an established track record.

A lot of affiliate marketers consider it’s the best place to start their business journey. Quite like eBay, Flippa gives you the opportunity to bid on an affiliate site.

Flippa allows marketers to buy affiliate-based sites which have a solid backlink profile. Just make sure to run a full check before purchasing this domain. This way you will be insured that it‘s not blacklisted or has used any bad SEO practices.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate

At the core of affiliate marketing lies the idea of building a successful relationship with a number of third-party providers of services or products. With this tool you can create such affiliate partnerships. You can find all their offers are cost per click based meaning the publisher will get paid only in the case when users are converted into a subscriber, customer, or potential lead.

CJ affiliate is a leading global affiliate marketing network which is successful in the field of pay-for-performance programs. The perspective and prime aim of the network system is to drive results for businesses from all over the world. It helps to connect with marketeers so that you can reach millions of online consumer‘s every day.

CJ affiliate is a smart gateway for affiliate marketers who wish to start their own business. It helps marketers to create successful and lasting relationships with third-party businesses.



This is one of the most famous, go to tools in terms of fixing SEO errors, keyword research, and competitor analysis. It’s a trusted tool for many affiliate marketers as well as companies. Names such as Phillips, PayPal and Forbes use it to manage their visibility, as it has a massive database, containing over 120 million keywords and 46 million domains.

If you wish to succeed in affiliate marketing, it’s important to analyze your marketing strategy with competitors. SEMrush can help you keep track of factors such as the organic positioning of specific domain, CPC ads, competitors and much more.

This tool is often used as a content audit tool to help with your distribution strategy.



Another helpful tool for keywords and SEO research. It places a main emphasis on backlink rather than on-page SEO.

It helps affiliate marketers have in-depth insight concerning their backlink profile. This includes lost backlinks, new backlinks, as well as websites which are linking with the broken pages on your website. You can also do a detailed analysis of the competitor’s backlink growth and make a comparison with your business. A separate section called content gaps even shows you what your website is lacking compared to your competitors.

In terms of affiliate marketing, this is a very helpful tool if you’re looking to make your website SEO friendly.


There are many factors which need to be considered on your way to affiliate marketing success. You need to take into account your creativity as well is your way of approaching the marketplace. It also depends on your ability to implement all of your marketing knowledge.

Most successful marketers who are self-taught rely on trial and error. But this can result in a days worth of profit. This is why you need to be careful and avoid accidents – instead, use the tools we have mentioned above to grow your affiliate business.

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