Improve your video marketing with social media and WordPress


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Currently video content is at its height and it’s not going anywhere soon. As reports state, people spend at least 1 billion hours on YouTube in a single day.

Improve your video marketing with social media and WordPress

Currently video content is at its height and it’s not going anywhere soon. As reports state, people spend at least 1 billion hours on YouTube in a single day.

And YouTube is not the only platform where you can watch videos; different websites and social media offer video content, as well.

Social media promote ads and other promotional content, which can make it difficult to connect with the correct audience. Videos, however, are easy to consume, generate a lot more results and are mobile friendly.

How important is video marketing?

Whether you are planning to establish a new business or already have one, it’s vital to include videos in your marketing strategy.

With videos comes trust

In most cases, posts on social media seem distant and impersonal – they lack human connection. This is where videos takeover, as they put a voice and a face to the message, which makes it a lot more appealing to the audience.

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Videos add a personal touch to your message, which makes people trust you. Users consider videos to be a lot more transparent and trustworthy than any other type of content.

Increased dwell time

Users today are highly distracted, which is why the best way to catch their attention is with the help of videos on social media and websites.

You can use videos to increase your dwell time, which is actually the duration of which a visitor spends on your website.

Dwell time has an indirect impact on your website ranking, because it tales Google whether you offer valuable content to users.

Increased revenue

While a lot of businesses do not focus mainly on videos as their primary traffic source, note that videos can open the doors to an entirely new revenue source.

If you create a YouTube channel, you can make profit in a number of ways which are not available to you if you’re using a blog for example.

The channel will not only diversify the revenue streams for you, but also the traffic sources.

How to combine video marketing with WordPress and social media?

Create your video marketing strategy beforehand

A successful video marketing strategy needs a lot of thought. Narrow down your planning to two main points: your audience and its intent.

Target audience

Before you start publishing your videos, you have to identify your audience and whether they can return your investment.

What service or product do you offer?

A lot of businesses, big or small, have identified the persona in their market so that they can pitch offers.

A persona is a portrait of your customer, which includes interests, age, hobbies, goals, occupation, daily challenges, and much more.

The persona should include your product or service and the way it will help customers in their daily lives. In order to have accurate personal and communicate with them effectively, you need to define the following:

– Name. The way you will refer to the persona, which in most cases include identifier and first name.

– Demographic. This includes age, gender, location, and income.

– Personality. What do these individuals read or watch? What do they do in their pastimes? Do they go shopping?

– Challenges. Identify the challenges which these people face daily.

– Resolution. How and why would these people have an interest in your products? Will they provide them with a solution to their problems? What could stop them from buying your products? –

Purpose of the video

You might want to attract new customers, or engage with them, or to communicate important news to them. The purpose of your video will determine your target audience. If you wish to make sales and attract more customers, you need to target broader audience.

If you aim to engage prospects or nurture leads, make sure to align your audience to the persona: address their pain points, interests, background, and more.

What’s their intent?

While it is important to identify the demographics; this will not answer your question as to what are users searching for and why?

Intent relates to a certain problem, and by understanding this problem you can offer the best solution in a quality video which you can share later on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform you’re using.

Once you are aware of the intent and plan of action, use videos to connect with these people, address their concerns, and offer them a product or service which would provide the solution.

Quality over quantity

If you would like to generate good engagement from your videos, make sure to create valuable and short content which can be done with any online tool.

Created right, the videos can gather the right attention, increase brands awareness and improve your organic reach.

Smart marketing experts are aware of the importance of video content and how to use it. If you check your Instagram feed you will find a number of viral 60 seconds videos. Facebook also offers 2- minute videos which tend to gather millions of views. Hubspot advices the best length for videos in each social media platform:

– Facebook – 1 minute

– Twitter – 45 seconds

– Instagram – 26 seconds

– YouTube – 2 minutes

Use captions

Captions make a huge difference for your videos. People with hearing impairment will sincerely appreciate the effort if you want to add subtitles as well.

Whether on social media or WordPress, captions will improve the accessibility to your content. Another great advantage of captions is the fact that they make your videos easier to consume. Subtitles count because most social media videos will start on autoplay.

Captions will get the desired message across, no matter if your video is audible or not.

Cross-link for SEO

A lot of businesses have their own YouTube channels, which is a great thing. But you’re also be surprised at how little webpages have video content.

When you upload your video on YouTube, don’t forget to link to relevant postal page on your own website in the video description.

It will not only increase traffic to your website, but increase your SEO footprint as well, as YouTube is a major authority when it comes to links.

And also embed your video in the WordPress post which will diversify it and increase dwell time on your page.


People love short valuable video content. Target the correct audience with videos and you will notice an increase in your business. Identify your persona. Then match your content to their needs.

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