How to personalise WooCommerce for your customers?


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Thousands of online businesses are launched every year and in this digital age retailers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a platform for their website.

How to personalise WooCommerce for your customers?

Thousands of online businesses are launched every year and in this digital age retailers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a platform for their website.

Currently WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform around the world. It combines flexibility, ease of use, and tons of features. But personalized shopping experience is the reason it tops all the lists of preferred e-commerce platforms.

Why is the personal message so important?

Compared to 10 years ago, customers are far more demanding and the competition with online businesses is brutal. The only solution is making the shopping experience enjoyable and user-friendly. Web developers and marketers need to start thinking like customers and come up creative new ways to widen their audience. In order to make your e-commerce business successful, personalising the customer message is very important.

How to personalise your WooCommerce store?

With WooCommerce you have tons of possibilities. You can use a number of free and premium plugins which offer customizing solutions to help you create a more personalized experience for your customers.

Smart content will be picking up strong this year. Smart content is content which is personalized especially for your customers’ needs and interests.

It employs dynamic content when displaying messages, instead of the ordinary static content. This enriches the user experience and would make customers happy if the content applies directly to them.

There are many tools which can help you identify your most valued clients. And show them a tailor-made message created especially for them.

Displaying customers’ recommended products based on their shopping history is another step up for your WooCommerce store.

Choosing delivery date

It’s very important to modernize your delivery process, as retailers are already offering drone shipping and same-day delivery. Clients wish to have full control of the buying process which includes shipping and delivery date.

An amazing extension is WooCommerce Order Delivery which offers customers the option to choose the delivery date based on the location. With the help of this extension customers will be able to choose the date which works best for them. In similar cases, retailers can block the dates on which delivery is not possible. This extension provides an excellent personalized shopping experience.

Special pricing

This one is quite obvious. Every customer likes a good deal. Especially when it makes them feel exceptional.

The idea is that offering special prices to specific customers will keep them coming back. Your best customers wish to know that they are valued. This can be accomplished by offering them special pricing. You can do this in two ways:

  • Pricing based on quantity – it’s an excellent choice for wholesale buyers. Customers will save a significant amount by purchasing higher quantity of products.

  • Pricing based on membership – this one is great for loyal customers. As they go up the membership level, their discount grows.

Discounts and sales

With the help of WooCommerce, you can set up special discounts and sales. You can even create personalized offers on anniversaries and birthdays, by sending them emails with greeting cards, as well as discounts created especially for them.

You can use WooCommerce Coupon Email System which is a great plugin to create and manage discount offers for your most loyal customers

Use personalized content to target the customers

To create the best shopping experience, it’s essential to analyse the behaviour of your customers and anticipate their requirements and demands. For example, Metrilo is an excellent CRM solution to track users’ activities and figure out ways to engage with them effectively. It provides a user profile with notes and tags included, as well as their order history, contact details, and more useful information.

All of this data is crucial when creating your marketing campaigns so that you can offer customers relevant content which will ensure better conversions and engagement.

Out of stock products

Customers are often frustrated when they see that the product they want to purchase is out of stock. No matter how much you try to prevent this, it’s a natural phenomenon. With WooCommerce waitlist you can notify users when the product is available again. The moment you update your stock list, customers will be notified via email with a direct link to the product.

Loyalty benefits

As you already know, when running an e-commerce store, the most valuable thing you have is your customer base. It has been proven multiple times that existing customers are far more likely to come back then first-time buyers. There are many ways you can use to retain your customers, one of which is by using a loyalty scheme. In this case you can use the SUMO reward points plugin, which is easily integratable with WooCommerce and its supported themes.

Customer service

Paying special attention to customers is a valuable quality. Aside from discounts and emotional materials, it’s great to offer excellent customer service which will take special care in handling all queries.


Personalizing your e-commerce store is not an easy task. It requires special attention to all details and extensive research. The great thing about WooCommerce is the endless possibilities of customizing your store without needing any help from a developer. With just a little bit of coding knowledge and using the plugins we mentioned above, you can create an excellent personalized store for your customers.

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