Google’ s new badge of shame will identify slower loading websites


· 14th November 2019·Wordpress, Site Speed

Google’ s new badge of shame will identify slower loading websites

Speed has always been a top priority for Google’s Chrome as the core principal behind the tech giant is providing instant user experience when browsing the web.

Currently Google is experimenting with various options for the so called “badge of shame” and its main purpose of identifying the slower loading websites.

The future badge will highlight sites which are slow generally and flag them. The Google team is also working on identifying such sites based on network connectivity or device hardware.

The idea is that the badge will appear on the loading screen, appearing green for fast websites and red for slower ones. Google plans to publish regular updates in the future as the release time approaches while encouraging users not to wait when optimizing their website. They can check how their website is performing based on the following tools:

  • PageSpeed Insights – a tool which provides speed data for your website, as well as suggestions for improvements.
  • Lighthouse – a tool for personalized advice on how to improve your sites’ score and performance.

It’s still not clear when exactly the publishing date is as Google is still waiting for developer’s responses before future progress on this project.

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Nadejda Milanova