Client Showcase: StreamZ Global


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One of the most innovative companies in the industry of natural magnetic therapy.

Client Showcase: StreamZ Global

There is growing consensus among medical professionals that natural magnetic therapy has health benefits, particularly in terms of pain relief and aches. Given that those benefits can be achieved with something as non-invasive as an ankle band, and that these bands can be used alongside traditional medicines and treatments, it is little wonder that the magnetic therapy industry is booming.

One of the most innovative companies in the industry is StreamZ Global. Unlike traditional magnetic bands which consist of a static magnet, Streamz technology creates a 360 degree spin. This prevents an increase in temperature allowing that the bands to be worn 24/7 comfortably. The YOU StreamZ product is designed as an ankle band for humans, while the DOG StreamZ collar and EQU StreamZ bands are for dogs and horses respectively.

Streamz is a family business launched in Brighton in 2013. Their growth has been rapid. The products are endorsed by World and Olympic champions and universities have started clinical studies on the impact the bands have on dogs and horses. The StreamZ product range starts at £40 and are delivered globally.

Orders are taken through their website at, a WordPress website running WooCommerce.

Matt, founder of StreamZ, came to in April 2019 with a number of challenges. As their business was growing we needed to help move a staging site to a live environment, while preserving orders that had been on the live setup. We also needed to help move them away from WPEngine and to a more bespoke solution. Over the last few months have assisted by adding multilingual support through WPML, configuring multi-currency - and also designing a solution that allowed for product delivery localisation based on customer geolocation.

We asked Matt for his comments:

“ have been nothing short of amazing since the first moment we interacted with them. It’s great to have such a skilled team supporting us with such broad expertise. Their team provides a genuine level of ‘peace of mind’ that any issue thrown at us can be dealt with professionally and efficiently! A highly valued member of our own team.“ - Matt, StreamZ.

Visit Streamz at:

Nadejda Milanova

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