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Wondering what are some of the best WooCommerce shipping methods? Read this post to learn more about the best shipping methods to consider for your e-commerce shipping strategy.

Best WooCommerce Shipping Methods


While there are tons of WooCommerce shipping methods that you can leverage to improve the efficiency of your order fulfillment process, few are reliable. This is because a majority of shipping methods are not only inefficient but flooded with return cases. Such isn't an experience any successful entrepreneur would like to go through.

However, when choosing a shipping method, you must ascertain whether it suits your need. Other factors that you need to consider include the rates, size of business, speed, and area of operation. Blending fast and affordable shipping methods can not only help increase conversions but also minimize the chances of shopping cart abandonment.

Delivery delays and lack of a proper tracking system not only complicate the order fulfillment process but also increase the chances of order returns. Should such happen then you risk losing a considerable market segment to your immediate competitors.

Aside from getting return clients, fast shipping increases sales and boosts the visibility of your store on the internet space. With a reliable shipping method, you can easily manage your business needs and meet customer expectations by offering an efficient delivery process.

Best WooCommerce Shipping Methods

Here are some of the best WooCommerce shipping methods to consider for your e-commerce shipping strategy.

1. Flat Rate

Typically, most stores use the Flat Rate shipping method. This means you offer a similar shipping price equal to the price of a product purchased. Therefore, if a customer buys a product in your store, you charge based on the price of a product.

With flat-rate shipping, you can easily assign the shipping cost for every product instantly. This not only improves the efficiency of the shipping process but enables you to speed up shipping calculations for each client.

2. Free shipping

Free shipping is the simplest of all WooCommerce shipping methods. If you want to offer free shipping exclusive of other terms, you can simply turn the flat rate to 0.

On the contrary, to offer free shipping, the conditions you choose must be made. This may not apply in case a customer doesn’t comply with the terms and conditions you may have set. For example, you can either set up a free shipping coupon or an estimated amount for a customer to qualify for free shipping.

3. Local Pick up

Regardless of where a customer is located, taxation costs will apply when you use local pick-up as the default setting on your store. All you need is to set and insert the price on your WooCommerce store and that’s all. Typically, this is the simplest of all shipping methods available in the e-commerce market.

If you intend to target local customers, then the local pick-up shipping method works best for your store. Depending on your location, you can easily assign a fixed shipping cost for local customers.

4. Flexible Shipping

Table rate shipping is where you can set different rules in calculating shipping costs. In such a case, every rule can either add or subtract an amount from the total cost.

Every rule may use different conditions as follows:

• Should items weigh more than 5lbs then add 10$ to the cost of shipping.

• If class ABC items are included on a cart, then subtract $3 from the shipping cost.

• If a customer picks more than 4 orders then add $3 to the cost of shipping.

All these terms apply under the same method. With table rate shipping, you can create as many shipping.

5. 2 Day Shipping

2 Day shipping has not only become synonymous with online shopping but also the most sought-after e-commerce shipping solution. Although the premium shipping method is mainly used by major players in the e-commerce industry, there are many ways other businesses can offer 2 Day shipping without breaking the bank.

6. Same Day Delivery

Same-day delivery ensures your order is delivered within the same day upon placing an order. In fact, most customers are willing to pay more for this type of shipping method since it guarantees fast delivery.

Even though same-day delivery guarantees fast delivery, it requires a combination of efficient technology, adequate resources, and reliable courier services.

7. Overnight Shipping

The overnight shipping method ensures customers can receive their order in the next business day. However, different carriers come with different pricing for overnight shipping.

Just like 2-day shipping, overnight shipping fast tracks the delivery process by ensuring products are delivered to customers the next day.

8. Expedited Shipping

Expedited Shipping offers fast shipping compared to other standard shipping methods. Turnaround time for this shipping method varies from one carrier provider to another. Offering expedited shipping not only helps reduce shopping cart abandonment but also meet customer expectations.

9. International Shipping

Although International shipping can be expensive for many businesses, you can embrace International shipping to ship within the US or expand operations globally. The bottom line is that different countries offer different taxes, tariffs, and regulations. You should therefore collaborate with experienced fulfillment partners to help you navigate international shipping requirements.

10. Eco-Friendly Shipping

Eco-friendly includes the use of biodegradable material that can be recycled and used for other purposes. Players in the eco-friendly sector can use eco-friendly shipping methods to reach out to their target market.

Therefore if you want a reliable and efficient shipping method to improve your shipping strategy for your recycled products then eco-friendly shipping is a perfect option.

11. Hybrid Shipping Services

A hybrid shipping method can help you cut up to 50% in shipping costs. Although the tradeoff results is a slower delivery process, it lets you reduce the cost of shipping. Such hybrid services include FedEx SmartPost and UPS Surepost then collaborate with other carriers like USPS to transport packages to either a post office location or a sorting facility.

12. Freight Shipping

Freight shipping entails the transportation of cargo across the globe via air, sea, or land. Such shipments include shipments that weigh above 150 pounds.

Most e-commerce platforms use freight shipping to receive inventory from their manufacturer and send packages to distributors or fulfillment centers. Whether you are running an established e-commerce business or just starting with e-commerce, you can consider freight shipping to deliver heavy cargo to customers in various destinations around the world.

Even though it may take time, it is one of the most reliable shipping methods that you can use to reach out to customers in any part of the world.


While there are dozens of shipping methods that you can use to deliver products to customers, the efficiency of the delivery process varies from one carrier service provider to another. Therefore, before choosing a suitable delivery process, you have to consider speed, timeframe, price among other factors.

If you are just starting with your e-commerce business, you can consider the shipping methods highlighted in this article to improve the efficiency of your fulfillment process. Remember the faster the delivery of ordered products, the higher the chances of improving customer service. That way, you not only stand a chance to get more conversions but also achieve growth.

Does a Shipping method matter in WooCommerce?

Yes, reliable shipping methods not only help in fast-tracking the delivery process but also help in building a reputable brand. The more reliable you are the more customers will trust you. In the long run, you are likely to generate more sales from your business.

Does freight shipping guarantee fast Delivery?

Unlike other shipping methods that offer direct delivery services to customers, freight shipping entails the transportation of heavy cargo via sea, air, and land. This method may not favor direct delivery of products to customers since it lets players in the e-commerce industry receive inventory from their manufacturer and send products to distributors. Due to a series of intermediaries involved, product delivery may not be fast compared to other shipping methods.

Do I need international Shipping for my business?

If you are planning to expand operations to offer delivery services across the globe then the International shipping method may be ideal for you. Although expensive, International shipping enables you to deliver products to clients in any part of the world.

What should I consider before choosing a shipping method?

Although pricing is an important element that you need to consider when choosing a suitable shipping method for your e-commerce platform, the reliability of the carrier service provider should be top on the list. This is because while some carrier companies charge a considerably low delivery price, they may not deliver as prescribed in their terms of operation. You should therefore check out what other people are saying about various shipping providers before making a decision. This not only saves you from inconveniencing your customers but also improves the efficiency of your fulfillment process.

Which is the Cheapest Shipping method that I can use?

If you are looking for a cheap shipping method then it’s high time you consider hybrid shipping services. Although the delivery process is slow, it guarantees an efficient and cost-effective delivery process. This entails the collaboration of various shipping providers that ensure you can access your products from either a post office location or the nearest sorting facility. Guides Guides

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