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In this article, we explore free DHL Express shipping plugins that you should integrate into your online store to fast-track your delivery process.

Top Free DHL Express Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce


The DHL Express Shipping plugin enables users to access real-time rates from DHL Express, print shipping and return labels, track shipments and pack items into custom boxes. Integrating the DHL shipping method into your WooCommerce is a perfect way of improving the efficiency and management of all your shipping.

While the premium version comes with advanced features, you can still leverage the free version to manage your shipping. With the DHL Express Shipping plugin, you can not only generate automated shipping labels but also add custom shipping services delivered by DHL Express.

Typically, shipping products successfully is one of the key elements of improving customer experience. To improve the efficiency of your fulfillment process, an effective shipping method is ideal in designing a clear shipping strategy for your online store.

In this article, we explore free DHL Express shipping plugins that you should integrate into your online store to fast-track your delivery process. Before we explore the free DHL shipping plugins, let's first understand what DHL Express entails.

DHL Express

DHL is a popular shipping option from DHL that customers can use for both local and international shipping. With operations across 220 countries in the World, the company commands a considerable market segment in the carrier industry. With express delivery, customers can receive orders within an exact timeframe.

Most WooCommerce platforms and customers highly embrace DHL Express since it lets them know the exact time and date that they should expect their order. This minimizes the chances of failed delivery attempts.

So, why should you use DHL express?

(i) Speed

Compared to other shipping methods available in the market, DHLs Express shipping speeds up the entire shipping process. With delivery timelines of between 1-6 business days, DHL express offers the fastest International delivery services across major destinations that it serves.

(ii) DHL Express Domestic Before 9 am.

Taking of speed, DHL Express Domestic before 9 am is one of the most popular services that has attracted many customers. If you are busy and want to receive your order within a short time then this delivery service is a perfect option.

(iii) A wide range of Delivery Options

DHL express lets customers choose a suitable delivery option for their package. Once an item has been shipped, customers can choose their preferred delivery option. Once an item has been shipped, customers get notified via text and email notifications.

In this case, customers can choose whether they prefer service point delivery, an alternative date of delivery among other options. That way, customers enjoy an array of services without worrying about an extra cost.

The following are the top free DHL express shipping plugins for WooCommerce:

Top Free DHL Express Shipping Plugins

1. DHL for WooCommerce

DHL for WooCommerce is one of the most popular Free DHL express plugins. This plugin can only work on your store if your store is based in a country that DHL operates. Remember DHL services are limited to many countries contrary to other carrier services with operations around the World. Alternatively, you can choose the right plugin credentials that serve your country.

However, you can either choose DHL Parcel Europe, DHL Paket, and DHL e-commerce. Each of these services is available in various regions. For example, DHL Paket serves Austria and Germany.

Using this plugin, you can easily create domestic and international shipping labels from your WooCommerce admin. Aside from generating a tracking code that you can pass on to customers, the plugin enables you to create shipping labels.

Nevertheless, the DHL for WooCommerce plugin lets you create handover notes for your store. This makes the manifesting process easy in conformity with DHLs eCommerce regional requirements. Additionally, the plugin comes with an option that allows customers to select their preferred delivery time and date.

2. A2Z DHL Express Plugin for WooCommerce

This is another useful free DHL Express plugin for your store. The plugin lets you integrate International and domestic DHL on your WooCommerce store. Besides displaying DHL services the plugin helps in displaying rates on the cart and checkout pages of your WooCommerce store.

The plugin is easy to configure which makes it easy for you to set up DHL services for customers Worldwide. The bottom line is that the plugin supports DHL services in all countries that DHL operates. In this case, you have the option of offering more than 14 DHL services per your requirements.

Should you negotiate rates linked to your DHL account, you can easily pass it to customers through the plugin. Further, you can display an estimated delivery date for each service to offer variety to customers. This also lets you share tracking information with customers once the shipping process is underway.

Other Alternatives


SendCloud is available in the European market. To use the services, you simply have to create an account with the company. Once you create an account, you can use the free plugin to integrate DHL Parcel services and DHL express.

The plugin lets you process your fulfillment much faster since it helps you in the picking process. On the other hand, you can easily print shipping labels directly from your store which enables customers to track their orders.

If you operate within Europe, the SendCloud Plugin may be a perfect option for your online store.

WooCommerce Shippo

Typically, Hippo is a subscription-based shipping service that helps customers have access to more than 15 shipping carriers including DHL. Shippo doesn’t charge any fees. All you need is to sign up for a free account. In terms of printing shipping labels, the platform charges $0.05.If you are signing up for the first time, you are allowed to print labels on the platform free for 90 days.

Some of the features that come with Shippo include:

• Return labels

• Tracking shipment

• Email notifications for customers

• Automatic order importing

• Validation of addresses


If you are looking for a way you can fast-track your shipping process, then it's high time you consider integrating the DHL express shipping plugin. With this plugin, you not only make it easy for customers to find you but also improve the efficiency of your e-commerce fulfillment process.

That way, you not only make it easy to process and track orders but enhance the customer service experience. Nothing excites a customer like ordering and receiving a package as prescribed in the order details. It is against this backdrop that setting up a reliable shipping system goes a long way in improving the performance of your online store.

With DHL express Shipping plugin, you can easily automate your order fulfillment cycle and improve the overall success of your business.

How much does it Cost to Integrate a DHL Express Shipping Plugin?

Integrating DHL express shipping plugin is free. Just like other WordPress plugins, you can upgrade to a premium package to access advanced features. However, if you are operating under a limited budget, you can leverage the free version to process your orders.

How long does it take for a package to reach a customer under the DHL Express shipping method?

Compared to other e-commerce order fulfillment methods, DHL Express shipping ensures customers reactive their orders within 1-6 days. This applies to both domestic and international orders.

However, domestic deliveries may even be faster especially through DHL express domestic before 9 am. This delivery cycle aims at ensuring customers receive their orders early in the morning before going to work. As such, integrating DHL into your order fulfillment process is a suitable way of speeding up the order fulfillment process for your store.

Do I need to integrate the DHL Express shipping plugin for my WooCommerce store?

The answer is yes! Whether you are running a small or an established online store, setting up an efficient order fulfillment system is ideal in improving service delivery. Besides keeping customers updated about the progress of the shipping process, the DHL express shipping plugin comes with great features that make it easy to fast-track the shipping process. This not only improves trust with the target market but also gets rid of complexities associated with shipping.

Are there any alternatives to DHL express shipping plugin?

Yes. While there are numerous alternatives to DHL express shipping plugin, this plugin has a free version that you can leverage to improve your shipment process. Some of the best alternatives include Sendcloud and Shippo.

Just like the free version of the DHL express shipping plugin, these plugins come with free features that you can use to transform your shipping process. Remember the timely your orders can reach customers, the more you win the trust of your target market. So, if you want to get rid of the tedious order processing procedures that result in many returns, you should consider integrating DHL express shipping plugin.

Which is the best free DHL Express Shipping plugin?

While there are a variety of free DHL Express shipping plugins available in the market, A2Z DHL Express Plugin for WooCommerce is one of the most useful plugins that you can use to improve your fulfillment process. In addition to being easy to configure, the plugin lets you display rates on the cart and checkout pages of your e-commerce website. Guides Guides

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