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Before setting up an e-commerce store, you must first think about shipping products to your customers. In this article, we will share tips on how to add DHL as a shipping option and why DHL is an ideal shipping service provider.

Adding DHL as Shipping Option on WooCommerce


Before Setting up an e-commerce store, you must first think about how you will ship products to your customers. Lack of a convenient shipping method can lead to delivery delays which may compromise the credibility of your brand.

With over 60 million downloads worldwide, WooCommerce has grown from a simple word press plugin to a customizable e-commerce platform. This has empowered entrepreneurs to sell products directly on WordPress. Plus, WooCommerce comes with great features that enable businesses to add payment options to their online store.

When clients order and receive products at the right time, you stand chance to win their trust and create more opportunities for your business. As such, DHL is one of the most reliable shipping service providers that you can use to revamp your shipping strategy.

Some of the benefits of adding DHL as a shipping method on your online store include generating automatic tracking codes, creating bulk shipping labels and providing an array of shipping options for your clients.

With a reach of over 400,000 people in 220 Countries around the world, DHL is an ideal shipping method that you can use to not only send letters to loved ones but also reach new markets and expand your business.

Aside from sharing tips on how to add DHL as a shipping option on WooCommerce, this article explores why DHL is an ideal shipping service provider that you should embrace.

1. Wider Network

DHL not only improves the efficiency of your shipping strategy but also makes it easy for you to reach more customers. With a workforce of 500,000 employees and a network covering over 220 countries worldwide, you will never be out of network.

Whether small or big brands, you can leverage DHLs wider coverage to improve your growth potential.

2. Reliable

Trust is the cornerstone of every business entity. With DHL, you can rest assured that your product will reach your target market not only in time but in perfect condition.

Besides offering excellent customer service, the carrier company has set up a robust network that ensures products are delivered as instructed by every client. It is against this backdrop that DHL has an edge over its immediate competitors.

3. Door to Door Delivery

DHL has a well-oiled logistics system that ensures your container is picked from your facility and delivered to the port. The door-to-door logistics approach ensures products are collected and delivered to their respective destinations at the right time.

4. Fast delivery

Operating with over 250 aircraft and 40,000 vehicles worldwide, you can rest be assured that DHL can deliver your product within a shorter timeframe compared to other carrier service providers. So if you always experience delivery delays, DHL may be a perfect solution.

5. An array of Shipping Gateways

Shipping Gateway often refers to the port where cargo clearing takes place. Typically, it is a place where freight in transit from various locations is exchanged between different modes of transportation. Therefore DHL has an easy-to-use shipping gateway to prepare packages, create a tracking number, print stickers, and produce instant reports.

6 Guaranteed Deliveries

DHL ensures goods reach clients no matter what. The carrier service provider lets you get fast and trouble-free notifications for your shipment status.

Some of the details you should expect include:

• Notification about your delivery schedule

• Direct link to parcel tracking and text messages before delivery.

However, if you are skeptical about whether the products will reach their intended destination in perfect condition, DHL offers insurance cover for your goods. In addition to buying insurance via the portal for each peace, DHL has an additional insurance cover for high-value products.

In that case, DHL has every answer to every delivery problem that you may have encountered elsewhere.

How to add DHL as shipping option on WooCommerce

Now that you know why DHL is an ideal shipping option for your platform, here is how to add the carrier service provider on WooCommerce.

Just like you’d add International shipping to your online store, the same applies to adding DHL as a shipping option on WooCommerce.

Go to Shipping Locations on the Dashboard.

First, go to your WordPress Dashboard then proceed to WooCommerce Settings. You can then choose shipping locations. This helps you choose regions or countries that you want to ship to. In most cases, sellers select ship to all countries as shown below.


Here is how to add DHL shipping to an existing zone

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce>Settings>Shipping. Shipping Zones

  2. Choose the shipping zone you want to change and click edit

  3. Hover down to shipping methods on the next window that appears

shipping zones

You can either delete an existing shipping method or choose to Add a shipping method to use a different one.

After this, you can save the changes. By default, the shipping method you select for a zone is presented to a customer. Depending on your target regions, you can always assign a shipping method to a region of your choice.

Alternative options to DHL

Now that you can easily add DHL as a shipping option on your online store, here are some alternative shipping options that you can consider for your store.

1. Navegate Services

Even though Navegate does not enjoy a wider network like DHL, the logistics company has been operational since 1969. This means the company has established a strong relationship with transporters, agents, customs agencies, and vendors worldwide.

So far Navegate has physical operations in China and US markets. Being one of the oldest logistics companies, you can rest assured that you can count on the company to deliver your goods to customers.

Unlike DHL which doesn’t have operations in the US market, you can leverage Navegate services to ship products to US clients. This not only helps you to trade in the American market but also reduces the complexities of using intermediaries in the shipping process.

2. Seaborne International Inc

Whether you want to ship your products via sea, rail, road, or air, you can always count on Seaborne International Inc. In other words, the logistics company can help you move cargo of all sizes and shapes across any remote place on the planet.

3. Schaefer Trans.Inc

Schaefer Trans.Inc is a full-service logistics service provider with a worldwide network. These are IATA agents and serve clients looking for Value-added services for International transportation needs. Just like DHL, the company is reliable for offering high-end logistics services to various vendors around the world.

Therefore if you are looking for reliable shipping solutions this article offers you a wide range of options that you can pick to fast track your shipping process.


While there are many carrier service providers on the planet, DHL is one of the perfect options that you should choose since its secure and help to fast-track your shipping strategy. On the contrary, DHL may not be a viable shipping option within the US since it’s not an American company. As such, it’s not permitted to make domestic flights within the US. Instead, it contracts US domestic services to other carriers.

In that regard, you should integrate a shipping option that suits your needs. Remember the fast the delivery timeline, the higher the chances of expanding your customer portfolio. If you are grappling with delivery delays with your current carrier service provider, it’s high time you consider trying out DHL.

What if DHL isn’t permitted to serve the countries that I target?

DHL still links up with other carriers to serve everyone wherever they are. For example, despite operating outside the US, it still collaborates with other carrier service providers to deliver cargo to US clients.

Can I lose my cargo during shipping through DHL?

Not possible, DHL has high-end technology that not only provides automated updates about your order but also comes with insurance for your goods. That means you shouldn't worry about the safety of your products handled by DHL.

What happens if a client doesn’t receive a shipped product?

If a client doesn’t receive the ordered product, DHL has a flexible work schedule that makes it easy for clients to address any issues they may have with their orders. That way, your case can easily be handled and resolved within a short time.

Do I need to hire an expert to help me add DHL as a shipping option on my online store?

If you are a startup or operating under a limited budget, the first thing you need to consider is how to cut on expenses. This is why you can either follow the details in this article to add DHL as a shipping option on your online store or hire a WordPress developer to do it for you.

How long does it take for clients to receive ordered products via DHL?

Depending on the size and value of the cargo or products, customers can receive products within 2-3 days.

Why is a shipping method necessary for my online store?

A shipping method not only enables you to ship ordered products to clients but helps you manage your logistics strategy. Additionally, a shipping method helps you track your orders. Guides Guides

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