One-time Fixes & Assistance

Any Website, Any Task. Handled by experts for £49. can help with everything from bug fixes to migrations, and malware removal to website updates. Our 24/7 team solve most issues within two hours.

We also offer ongoing maintenance plans.

Instant access to engineers

Requesting a fix puts you in direct contact with one of our engineers, through our purpose built secure system.

We don't use contractors or outsource any work. All staff are full employees who work in our two offices in London and Sofia.

Don't worry if you aren't sure if you have the right information for us, or if you struggle to describe your website problem accurately. We'll work with you to gather the data we need and aim to have you sorted as quickly as possible.

You can also reach us via live chat or phone (+44 (0)300 30 20 006)

WordPress Specialists

We've been working with WordPress since its inception and have seen most issues it can cause. We're familiar with almost all popular plugins, page builders, themes and integrations, as well as with the issues they can cause.

Plus, because our background is in web hosting, we've run and fixes WordPress for hundreds of thousands of customers; from small personal blogs to large multi-server WooCommerce setups.

For those with ongoing support needs we also offer maintenance plans from £39 per month.

How it works

1. Create a Task

Create a task in our online order flow. You enter your website URL and describe your issue.

Get Started

2. Instant Response

Our engineers will pick up your task immediately. We'll ask if there is any further information we need.

3. Sit back and relax

We will work on your website task and let you know once we are complete. You can communicate with us in our purpose built system.

Track Online

Our purpose built task management system,, lets us handle your requests securely and efficiently. We communicate with you by secure chat thread, and automatically monitor the site as soon as you sign up with us.

If you give us login information in order to work on your site, it gets encrypted and is only accessible by our staff when working on your task. You can track who has viewed the information and delete it from our system when we're done.

We can also setup and configure website backups, which we take twice a day and scan for potential security issues or unexpected file changes.

Task Examples

We couldn't possibly categorise every single task we can sort for you, but in general we can do anything that isn't design or development. Ask us if you aren't sure if we can help - either start a chat or call us on 0300 30 20 006.

for WordPress

See our WordPress Tasks page for a comprehensive of included WordPress support.

See WordPress Tasks

for Domain Names

We can work with any domain names and/ or DNS provider, as long as we have the required access. We will of course guide you for any clarifications.

Configure DNS

If you have new records to add, need an external provider setting up, or want to move DNS from one provider to another, let handle this for you. Whether A, CNAME, MX, TXT or any other record type, we will add the record, ensuring that it has propagated to all of your nameservers and that it resolves from various locations. We've got a background in running DNS for hundreds of thousands of domain names.

How we do it

Audit DNS

Have us check over existing configuration and records, flagging any errors. We can also remove superfluous entries, and provide a report summarising your configuration.

Add Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an external DNS provider which can also help protect you from DDOS attacks and malicious users. We will move your DNS to your Cloudflare account and set your domain to route via there.

How to add Cloudflare

Create an SPF record

An SPF record improves email deliverability, informing mail recipients which mail servers, domains and IP addresses should be legitimately sending mail. We will configure this for you and add the DNS record.

What is an SPF record?

Transfer Domain between providers

Moving domains between providers can be fiddly. Let us handle the process for you and deal with any hurdles that arise. If you are missing information or encountering a problem, we'll outline the issue and help to resolve it.

Domain Transfer Steps

Set up Google Apps

Configure MX records as well as CNAME records for Google Apps. If verification is required, we will walk you through the steps you need to take with Google.

Set up custom nameservers

Custom nameservers allow you to use ns1/ rather than your web host's nameservers. As long as your provider allows it, we will configure this with the registry so than you can use these vanity nameservers.

Custom Nameservers Explained

for Web Hosting

These are jobs we can do on any site provided we have access to the hosting.

Change Site Domain

Change the domain name of your hosting to another. This may involve pointing the DNS of a new domain, updating the hosting configuration, and redirecting the old domain so as to avoid lost customers, dead links and duplicate SEO penalties.

Read our Hosting Guide

Configure Hosting

Configure a blank shared hosting environment for your needs; this involves setting up domains, subdomains, and providing you with the correct account credentials, assisting you with uploading and running your website.

Migrate Database

Move a website database from one server to another, maintaining uptime and consistency. This can be done while keeping the files and website running as is.

Databases Explained

Activate SSL

Set up an SSL certificate on your hosting environment, allowing your visitors to view it using https://. This may be constrained by access from your host, but we can assist with workarounds if required.

SSL Overview

Configure Redirects

Set up redirects in your .htaccess file, avoiding conflicts with applications. From old pages to new, or from old domains to new domains; they are vital for good SEO.

Redirect Guide

Audit Hosting

A check by one of our experts that your web hosting is configured correctly. Checks include location, security, software versions, performance, underlying software and more.

Optimise/Clean Up Hosting

A check through of an existing hosting account, removing superfluous files or problematic old content, clearing unused plugins and cache files. We'll also lock down areas that should not have public access allowed and check file and folder permissions.

Move your website from one provider to another using our excellent website migration service. We can provide preview links and perform the migration at a time of your choosing.

How we do it

Force SSL

Force an already installed SSL certificate on your website, so that all users are required to access your site securely without any browser errors or trust issues.

Update PHP Settings

Edit your php.ini file to change settings such as max_execution_time, upload_file_size, or to show or suppress error messages. Change and upgrade php version if possible.

PHP Introduction

for Backups

A central feature of for all users, is the excellent backup service. Backups can be self-configured, but our team of course can handle the whole process on your behalf.

Set up Backups

Configure both files and databases for regular backups to the server. We will set up backups in the best possible way for your site.

Configure Backups

On demand Backups

Take a backup on demand so that you have a version of your website at a particular point in time.

Restore a site

Roll back a website to a previous version. This can be done in the control panel but we are more than happy to do it for you.

Restoring Backups

for cPanel

cPanel is a hosting control panel used by millions of websites. We can support cPanel users with cPanel hosting packages

Manage Domains

Create and manage domains, addon domains, parked domains (aliases), and move them around. We can also adjust where the files for each domain are located, and set up redirects between them.

cPanel domains overview

Database Administration

Audit, Creation, Management and Optimisation of cPanel databases. Including setting the right user permissions, managing users, and setting up third party access correctly.

Diagnose internal server errors

500 internal server errors can be caused by a variety of issues - usually php errors or syntax issues in your .htaccess file. We will diagnose and fix them for you, or provide an outline of the cause.

Create FTP Accounts

Manage FTP accounts for file management. Advise on SSH/SFTP options, and provide paths for correct use. We'll even walk you through configuration of third party desktop software such as FileZilla.

FTP in cPanel.

Set up Emails

cPanel comes with email software built in, but configuration can be fiddly. We'll overview DNS, then setup email services are required, even helping to configure your desktop and mobile applications to access them.

Set up cron jobs

Cron jobs are scripts that are run on a regular basis - either on the server, or using a wget to request the file. They may be required for regular site updates, or scripts that check for changes.