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Install Disqus

Posted 04th October, 2018

With an easy and quick install you gain feature-full comment system integrated with social network, advanced administration and moderation options, and other extensive community functions. It is used mainly from publishers in order to increase reader's engagement.

After you register your website on Disqus on their official website, you will need to create a forum with a unique shortname that you could later on install on your website..

How to install Disqus

For this method you can download the official Disqus plugin directly from the WordPress repository by following these steps:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, select Plugins >> Add New

  2. In the search box type in "Disqus"

  3. Select Install Now >> Activate Plugin

  4. You will see an installation screen with instructions on how to set it up.

  5. Log in with your Disqus account and type in the forum shortname you plan on installing.

  6. Done, now you can have fun with your Disqus installation.

Importing comments and syncing

To import your existing comments into the system follow these steps:

  1. Deactivate all plugins except Disqus

  2. Go to Dashboard >> Tools >> Export and export your posts in WXR format .

  3. Import your file through the Disqus system.