Never worry about your WordPress security again.

We are experts in cleaning, securing, fixing and maintaining WordPress websites.
  • We quickly clean hacked websites

  • WordPress hardening

  • Ongoing WordPress protection

  • Enterprise-level 24/7 WordPress security

We charge a one-off €69 to cleanup a hack on any WordPress site, or can provide complete maintenance and security on our maintenance plans. We start immediately.
Never worry about your WordPress security again.
Stanislava sorted my malware issue…

jason hunt

Jun 24, 2024
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Jun 20, 2024
Rossy Saved the Day

Benjamin La Rue

Jun 18, 2024
They Resolved my issue really quick

Plexsites Stream

Jun 18, 2024
Very fast response

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Jun 17, 2024
Excellent service and quick resolution

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Jun 16, 2024
Simply amazing service!

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Jun 16, 2024
they kept on searching for a solution

Els “Myfeetaremeanttoroam” Mah

Jun 14, 2024

Use us for a one-time cleanup, or let us take complete care of your WordPress security, hosting and maintenance.

One-off WordPress Cleanup

Our WordPress malware cleans are a one-time clean up and secure of your WordPress website. We take a full copy of your website and run it through our own malware signature database. We remove the malware infection and hack from your site and in almost all cases can point out and fix the root cause.

We will give advice on what to change. If your site is hacked again from the same cause you can come back to us.

Total WordPress Security

In addition to an included initial scan and clean up (if required), our maintenance plans come with all of the following WordPress security features:

  • We keep your WordPress website up to date and patched, as well as all plugins and themes.
  • We scan the website twice per day for any vulnerabilities or unexpected changes.
  • We immediately patch against zero-day vulnerabilities and new alerts.
  • We manage software for protecting against common exploits and security attacks, including issues like spam.
  • Our engineers are available 24/7 to advise on security issues.

This is in additional all other hosting and maintenance benefits of our maintenance plans.

We can start work within seconds? Sign up online now.

How we clean hacked websites

We securely take a copy of your website files and database and compare them to our own list of known malware signatures (over 15 million). This feeds back to our engineers who then remove any infections. We then resolve the root cause and can help with after-effects of the malware such as requesting a Google reindex.

1. Place the order
1. Place the order

Add your site to our system, through our quick online order system. Everything is completely secure.

2. Instant response
2. Instant response

Our average response time is under two minutes. We'll ask if there is any further information we need.

3. Guaranteed fix
3. Guaranteed fix

We will work on your website and let you know once we are complete. You can communicate with us in our purpose built system.

Why was my site hacked?

The attack is almost certainly not targeted at your site. Websites often run the same software as millions of others, and hackers will find vulnerabilities that they can exploit en masse.

If you are running a popular WordPress plugin which has a vulnerability, it could be that your site is one of many thousands targeted that day.

Could the issue be caused by another website on my host?

If your website shared a hosting space with another site (for instance in one cPanel account), then this could be the reason. It's unlikely that the web host at large has a problem but it's not unheard of. We can investigate and diagnose for you.

Sometimes the vulnerability is enabled by the host having default weak permissions on file access, which enables a WordPress config file to be read across accounts.

Why does my site keep getting hacked?

Chances are you are either not dealing with the underlying cause of the hack. This could be two things.

First, it could be a vulnerability that keeps getting exploited. For example an out of date plugin or theme.

Second, it could be that there is some infected code you are not removing. Sometimes an attacker will exploit a vulnerability and leave a backdoor. They may then leave it many months before then using the backdoor to show an infection on your site.

Our team can scan through to find these backdoors.

Why is WordPress attacked?

WordPress is a frequent hacking target for several reasons. It can be extended with a vast array of plugins and themes, each of those extensions have code bases which are fully readable, and crucially it is extremely popular software. Hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit websites, including your website.

How can I tell if my site is hacked?

Exploits usually manifest themselves either as a complete site defacement, or as a redirect to an external phishing site. However, sometimes a site may appear normal but actually have malicious content uploaded somewhere in the site code.

Are you 24/7?

Yes, we are here all day, every day. We maintain and monitor sites for customers too, which means we need to be available at all times in case of emergencies or urgent updates.

Can we talk on the phone?

Yes, please call us on 0113 524 6120.

Who is the Fixed Team?

We are a team of dedicated and professional WordPress experts who provide a malware removal service in addition to other website services. With years of experience and expertise, we can remove all types of virus, malware and infections from your website for an affordable fee. Whether you’ve been hijacked, phished, defaced, blacklisted by Google, or your site has contracted a virus, our professionals will quickly get your website back in action. The team has about 20 people, each with in-depth knowledge of WordPress and Woocommerce plugins so that we can help you out of a trough and get you back up online again and running in good order.

How much does the malware removal service cost?

We charge a flat £49 fee (includes VAT). Alternatively you can get the clean included in our monthly maintenance plan (from £29/mo).

Where are you based?

We're an international team with offices in London, Bali and Sofia. We are a team of around thirty-five full-time engineers. We do not use contractors. If you call or chat to us you will speak directly to an engineer

How do I sign up for the malware removal service?

Once you place an order using the button above, a chat thread will be started with our engineers. They'll gather any more information we need from you and will keep you up to date on the task status.

Should I try to fix my site myself?

You could try, but we don't recommend it. The trouble with performing a malware removal on your website is that the malicious software is typically hidden from view. The code could be inside files that you already have on your site, or there could be new ones added. This code is designed to be hard to find but will damage your site. Figuring out where it is and what it is, will be very difficult, not to mention time-consuming.

Do I need to stay at my computer?

No, once we have the logins we need, you can leave us to it. We'll email you when we have an update.

Can I just roll back to a backup?

If you have a backup, then yes - roll back. However, you need to fix the underlying vulnerability. Also beware that a hack can lie dormant for some time before the effects of it become visible.

How long will the malware removal service take?

We can start immediately. Some cleanups take minutes, some may take longer. We always work comprehensively and expertly to fully remove the source of the infection.

Why Should I use a Paid Malware Removal Service?

Our technicians and WordPress experts know their way around a website and it's code like it's the back of their hand. They know what to look for when it comes to hacks and which files should and shouldn't be there. Most website owners are at a loss of knowing what to do and using a paid malware removal service will provide you with a quick and effective solution.

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