Malware removal cleanup & security

Malware Removal Service.

We're experts in fixing hacked websites and offer a paid malware removal service. We will find & remove any malware traces or phishing and then isolate the cause. We can start immediately and have most sites fixed within two hours.

We charge a one-off $99 to cleanup a hack on any site, or can offer ongoing maintenance and protection from $59/mo.

**Malware Removal Service**.

Our malware database contains over 10 million hack variations we check your site for.

<strong>1. Place the order</strong>

1. Place the order

Add your site to our system, through our quick online order system. Everything is completely secure.

<strong>2. Instant response</strong>

2. Instant response

Our average response time is under two minutes. We'll ask if there is any further information we need.

<strong>3. Make a coffee</strong>

3. Make a coffee

We will work on your website and let you know once we are complete. You can communicate with us in our purpose built system.

WordPress Cleanup Experts

WordPress is a frequent hacking target for several reasons. It can be extended with a vast array of plugins and themes, each of those extensions have code bases which are fully readable, and crucially it is extremely popular software. Hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit websites, including your website.

Exploits usually manifest themselves either as a complete site defacement, or as a redirect to an external phishing site. However, sometimes a site may appear normal but actually have malicious content uploaded somewhere in the site code.

At Fixed we clean many hacked sites per day and keep thousands of existing customers protected. No matter how your site is infected, we can help you.

One-off Task

$99 fixed fee

Fix my site
Any website, any task – a single fix from our team of experts. We can start working on your website immediately.
  • Engineers & Developers available 24/7.
  • Any software, any host. WordPress experts.
  • We'll refund you in full if you aren't happy.
One-off Task

How we clean hacked websites

A website malware cleanup can be requested via our online order process. Once signed up we'll ask you to securely give us any access credentials we need to clean your site. You will speak directly to one of our engineers through our online chat system. Alternatively you can call us. Once you have submitted your task, you can leave us to it - we will contact you once we have finished performing our malware removal service and your website is clean of hacks or malicious code.

Clean my Site

WordPress Experts

WordPress Experts

We know WordPress back to front, as we maintain thousands of WordPress websites for customers. We're aware of most hack types and can clean them up quickly.

Backups Taken

Backups Taken

We will take backups before fixing your site, and they will continue after your fix so we can roll back to any point in time. Our backups automatically run scans against tens of millions of malware signatures, alerting us of potential problems.

Vulnerabilities Fixed

Vulnerabilities Fixed

We'll find the underlying cause of the hack and either solve it or tell you what changes you need to make. We may be able to make the changes for you too.

Ongoing Support Available

We can offer website maintenance plans, which keep your website secure, and protected from malware attacks.

Works with any host

We are host agnostic - as long as we can get access to your site we can fix it. Our friendly support team will guide you for the information we need.

Track Securely

Our purpose built task system was designed to take the information we need from you securely. Once we are finished you can remove all of your logins from our records.

Do you need ongoing protection? Our monthly maintenance plans include many security features and real-time malware scanning.

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