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Creating and Tracking Tasks

Posted 09th October, 2018

Tasks can be created and tracked in the client area at Site owners and delegates are able to manage tasks.

Creating Task

A website must first be added to the dashboard.

  1. Log in to and choose the website. Your Task must correspond to the website selected.
  2. Click Create Job on the left.
  3. If you do not already have a website subscription, then can choose to either pay for a single task, or to start a subscription for unlimited tasks. You can also choose to just make an enquiry.
  4. A category needs to be selected for your task. Either choose from the list of available categories or select Custom Job. Don't worry too much; we can always re-categorise it later.
  5. Enter a brief description and press Submit. This will open the task thread with one of our agents.

Adding sensitive data

If you are passing us secure information such as website logins, ftp credentials or personal information, you should use our Site Secrets functionality. This ensures that restricted information we exchange is only seen when needed, and access can be easily tracked and revoked.

Tracking Open Tasks

All open and historic tasks can be viewed and tracked in both the website Tasks view, and under the main My Tasks navigation. Clicking each one will show the latest thread. You also have the option to close a Task - either because it is completed or because it is no longer required.