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Subscription Overview

Posted 09th October, 2018 website tasks can either be paid for on a one-off basis, or are offered under a subscription. Full details are on the pricing page.

Subscriptions are on a per-site basis, and can be enabled as follows:

  1. Add the website to your account.
  2. Click the Upgrade button under the website screenshot.
  3. You will see the option to purchase an individual task credit, or to start a subscription.
  4. After making your choice, you will be prompted to add a card and to make a payment.
  5. Subscriptions are effectively immediately

Subscriptions can be paid monthly or yearly in advance. Longer payment terms offer significant price reductions. You can also adjust your account currency.

Managing Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. They will expire at the end of your payment period. There are no refunds for unused time.

  1. Navigate to My Account (Direct Link) and click the billing tab.
  2. You will see your subscriptions listed.
  3. Press Cancel by the subscription you would like to cancel.
  4. Confirm the cancellation by entering the verification code.

Subscriptions can be reactivated leading up until the expiry date.

Multi-site discounts

We offer tiered discount levels for multiple websites. These begin at 4 websites, where the discount level is 25%, essentially giving you your fourth subscription for free.