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Monitoring Overview

Posted 09th October, 2018

The monitoring service tracks uptime and response times for any website. As soon as a website is added to the account, we will begin monitoring.

By default, websites are checked every thirty minutes. This frequency can be changed for those on paid subscriptions. Our systems send a request to your webpage, checking the response code, the website size, and the speed of the response.

Data can be viewed per website in your account under the Monitoring tab. You can choose to view the data by day (last 24 hours), the current week, the current month and the current year. Alternatively you can view all the historic monitoring data we hold for your website.

As monitoring is a standalone service, we cache the view every few minutes. Press Click here to get a fresh copy to retrieve an update.


The following statistics are shown at the top of the monitoring page:

  • An uptime percentage. This calculates the total uptime over the period selected (day, week, month etc...). This also shows a total uptime period.
  • A downtime percentage. This calculates the total downtime over the period selected. This also shows a total downtime period.
  • Website Status. This is the latest visible status we have on your website.
  • The website load time. This is how long your website took to load on our last check, and the average load time that day.
  • How long ago the last check was we did on the website.
  • The total number of checks made against your site in this time period.

Note that as checks happen at regular intervals, there can be a margin of error in the uptime and downtime calculations.


The two graphs shown on the monitoring view display:

  • Website response time. This is the total time taken to load your home page.
  • Website size. This is the total webpage size. This is displayed in bytes. 1024 bytes = 1 MB.

Below the graph is a visual representation of your website's uptime and downtime.

Response Codes

At the bottom of the monitoring view is a pie chart which demonstrates response codes as a percentage of the period.

You can also see a table which shows all checks we have made and the response received.

Proactive Monitoring

Sites on our Unlimited Subscription are proactively monitored. If we receive two consecutive alert of downtime on a website (which usually means 5 minutes of downtime), we'll automatically create a task on your behalf and begin looking for the cause.