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Payments, Tax and Invoices

Posted 09th October, 2018

Every invoice paid to is available for download in your billing area. Tax invoices are generated once payment has been received.


Payment for each subscription or invoice can be made online. For security purposes we cannot take payment details over the phone. We use a third party provider (Stripe) for processing payments; neither the Fixed app nor any of our staff or management will ever have access to your payment information


Tax is calculated based on your billing address, which is entered when adding your credit or debit card. If you pay with multiple cards, you will receive tax rates based upon the address of each card.


We can accept payment in GBP, EUR and USD. Your currency can be changed at any time in your billing area. This will affect any future orders and renewals across all of your sites.

Subscription Renewals

Subscriptions automatically renew until cancelled. You can cancel at any point up to the point of renewal.

Your default card will be charged for the subscription renewal.