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Site Secrets

Posted 09th October, 2018

As we work on tasks for you, you may need to provide us with confidential or secret information, for example:

  • Content Management System Logins such as Wordpress Admin area passwords
  • Hosting provider or domain registrar logins
  • FTP or SSH credentials

Conversely, we may also need to provide you with secure information, for example if we install a specific feature or reset a login.

Rather than transmit this data via support ticket or chat, it can be entered into our Secure Vault. Benefits of this include:

  • Strong encryption to the latest modern standards.
  • Heavily restricted access. Our staff can only see the data when you have an open Task.
  • Access logging: every request for data is logged and visible so you can see what we viewed, which staff member viewed the data, and when.
  • Easy Removal. One click and your data is wiped from our systems, unlike with a support thread.

Adding Site Secrets

Information can be added as follows:

  1. Log in to your Fixed account and navigate to the relevant website.
  2. Click Site Secrets
  3. Click Add Secret
  4. Enter:
    • A label for the secret. This will be unencrypted, so choose a name that lets us know what this is (e.g. FTP Password).
    • The secret itself. This will be encrypted in the database.
    • Notes that tell us how to use the data, for example a URL we should use.
  5. Click Save.

The secret can be viewed in future by clicking the eye icon. You can edit or delete the secret by clicking the gears icon. Please note that deleting the secret will irrevocably remove it from our systems and we will not be able to retrieve it.