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Adding Websites

Posted 03rd October, 2018

Once a Fixed Account is created, unlimited websites can be added by clicking Add New Site in your Fixed dashboard.

Once added, all your Websites will appear in your dashboard, along with any sites belonging to other users where you have been added as a delegate. Sites are automatically monitored.

Clicking Add New Site prompts for the following:

  1. A website prefix, for example https://www. This should be how your website displays in a browser. We collect this data as it enables us to do monitoring and health checks.
  2. Your website software. This helps us define the tasks you can choose from when creating a job, and may enable software specific features.

Both of these settings can be changed later under Site Settings.

We do not validate the spelling of a Website name. However, a misspelt website will mean that some Fixed services fail. You can always delete a website and add another.

Multiple instances of the same Website can be added.

Adding a website will take you to the website dashboard for that individual website. Click My Sites to return to the overview of all your websites.

Next Steps

After adding a website, monitoring will start automatically. You should see useful data within an hour or so. You can also try our health check tool. You can now:

Deleting a Website

Deleting a website will remove all records for that Website, close any open tasks, and cancel the subscription. If you have an active subscription, credit for the remaining period will not be refunded, so we recommend only deleting a Website once the subscription has expired.

  1. Navigate to the Website in your Fixed Account.
  2. Click Settings in the Website navigation bar.
  3. Click Delete Site. You will be prompted for confirmation.