Affiliate Commission | Earn up to £40 per referral

Know someone who needs website help? Refer them to We'll solve their problems and give you commission to say thanks.

We pay 10% of anything someone you refer spends with us in their first year. That means you could earn over £40 per website they add!

Instant Activation Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate, create a free account at No need to add a website or pay us anything. Once in, navigate to the My Account section, or go directly to this affiliate page.

Referral Methods:

You can refer customers to us in three way. We've no preference - whichever works for you!

1. Permanent Link

Use your permanent link to track referrals to This link can be used infinite times so is perfect for posting on social media or on your website.

2. Single-Use Links

Generate one-time links, which give the person you refer £25 joining credit.

Gifts £25 free credit to referee

3. Invite via Email

Send an email invite to any email. You'll also be credited if they sign up to without using your affiliate link.

Gifts £25 free credit to referee

Frequently asked questions

How are referrals tracked?
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Is there a delay on payment?
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If I refer in bulk, can you increase the commission?
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I want to refer without it being obvious I'm an affiliate
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How will I be paid?
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Will I be able to see my referrals
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What if I invite via email, and they don't use the link
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