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Our Story

Fixed is a business established after a long time in the website industry. Our founders hosted & supported millions of websites when running tsohost.com and vidahost.com. We saw the following problems:

  • Sites would be built by a developer and then not maintained.
  • Sites would break due to a development issue, but the fix would be too small for a developer to quote for.
  • The website's original developer would be uncontactable, or take weeks to fix basic problems.
  • Customers spent a lot of time making changes themselves, when they either did not have the technical knowledge, or the time.

We ended up doing a lot of this for our customers, but most of the time we had to say we could not help. If only there was something like fixed.net!


After their hosting brands were acquired, the next logical step was to solve these problems where there was clear demand. In mid-2018, we started designing and building our my.fixed.net platform. The criteria were:

  • It had to be user-friendly
  • It had to be ultra-secure
  • It had to let us deal with requests and tasks at scale - third party support solutions were not going to work.

We settled on using Google firebase and firestore for the auth and database, and then micoservicing features such as backups and monitoring through Amazon Web Services.


Fixed launched in January 2019 with a top team of engineers, developers, WordPress experts, and concierge agents. We're here to help 24/7, and have a range of experience - so we can deal with both straightforward requests, all the way up to complex code debugging.

Chat to one of our team today to find out more how we can help you.