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Beta Program

Posted 19th December, 2018

As has recently launched, we are inviting users to test our services with an offer of free credit.

Users can be invited by another user, either via an invite link or an email invitation. On signing up, the new user will receive £50 free credit. £50 credit equates to two months unlimited support, or for one-and-a-half fixes.

Email invitations

Creating an email invitation will send an invite email to the invitee, and associate their email address. If the user signs up with your invite link, or uses the same email address to sign up, then they will receive free credit.

One-time Links

Generating a one-time link gives you a link, to share with anyone. On signing up, that user will be credited with free credit. Links can only be used once.

You can not use your own beta invitation to give yourself free credit. We are soon launching an affiliate scheme, however, and beta referrals will be backwards compatible.

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