Introducing our brand new White-label Application

Introducing our brand new White-label Application

How does the idea of being able to give your clients their own login, to a customised management portal, to raise any requests to get website bugs seamlessly fixed for their site, sound?

With the knowledge that anything that gets reported on that portal, will appear to be sent directly by you, with no mention of us whatsoever — and best of all, be worked on, and fixed by an expert, without you needing to login to their site or hosting, even once?

Perfect, right?!

With our newly released White-label application, you’ll get just that!

No longer will you need to be stuck in the middle, relaying information between your client, and your developers, for issues you aren’t quite sure of — you can allow your client to relay any technical information directly to us, leading to faster resolution times, and satisfied customers.

With our Reseller functionality, we give you a completely white-labelled experience to tailor to your own preference.

With this, you’ll be able to brand the interface to match your own design with your company logo, to ensure that this appears part of your own offering, with no mention of us anywhere!

Within the interface users already have access to ‘create a client’; the set-up process via the application is seamless. All you need to do to get started is to create a customer and assign them a site.

The system will then send an email across to your client, where they’ll receive a link to create a login to the White Label Reseller Application, giving them access to our brand new area.

With that, your customer will then be able to create and update tasks as required for any domain you’ve associated to them.

It’s possible to assign as many sites as required to a client, once you’ve set them up as a user within your Reseller controls, you can delegate sites to them with just a couple of clicks.

There’s no mention of subscriptions or billing for your clients when they access the admin area, that’s all handled via your own client area with

Your customer simply receives access to the application, so that rather than contacting you directly every time they need an edit, or a modification to their site, that’ll come through directly to us, to action on your behalf.

We give you complete control of any client you sign up. If you no longer wish for them to be able to use the ‘my’ portal, access can be removed with the click of a button — and it’s just as easy to re-enable it again in future!

Along with the Application interface showing your own styling and logo, any correspondence between the client and the support team would also be white labelled, giving a completely synchronised experience to your customers.

That’s the gist of the details regarding any customer you sign up to the service, but what about you, are you still going to be able to see a list of tasks that have been raised for your clients?

The simple answer is yes, absolutely!

You’ll have the ability to see all your created clients, along with an overview of the sites you’ve assigned them, and also any tasks that have been raised — with that, you’re able to access a complete overview of all your client issues, as and when they happen.

The best part of our application for you as the agency, is that it frees up your own time, to carry on with running and growing your business. You’ll have a dedicated team working behind the scenes on problems as they arise, giving you the opportunity to focus on expanding your customer base, safe in the knowledge that no matter how large it gets, there will always be a team behind you, providing your customer base with the support you demand, and service they deserve.

To find out more about our simple pricing, simply speak to a member of the team or take a look at our bulk pricing discounts here:

The more sites you add the better the price, allowing you to determine your own pricing model for your clients. Get in touch to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.